Dutch Technology Week in Eindhoven

DTW 2014Next week, Eindhoven will be immersed in Technology.  The 3rd annual Dutch Technology Week will take place from the 18th until the 24th of May 2014.  The Dutch Technology Week 2014 is powered by ING,  Tu/E, ASML, Brainport industries and many other partners.

Let’s remember that Brainport Area Eindhoven was awarded in 2012 as ‘Most Intelligent Community’ of the world! In 2011, some 3,238 patent applications were filed in the Netherlands, 42% of these were developed in Eindhoven Region, particularly in the High Tech Campus (HTC), the “smartest square kilometre in the Netherlands”.  The campus hosts more than 125 companies and according to their website, every 20 minutes a patent is created!

Ingenious ideas come out continuously from creative minds in this city such as Cancer-busting ultrasound techniques, ways to boost vitamins in tomatoes, the baggage handling system in Schiphol or the tiny and biodegradable implants known as Bioneedles. These needles may soon replace the syringe, vial and needle trifecta as the standard delivery mechanism for vaccines.

The chips used in most smartphones and tablets are produced with machines designed and build by ASML and the ‘smart pill’ designed by Philips in Eindhoven, that knows exactly where in the human body a medicine is required.

During next week you can explore technology in a very fun and innovative way. There are many free activities for children and adults, here we mention some of them.

On Sunday 18th, The university Tu/E offers the program Tu/Experience public day.  Children and adults can participate in the many activities that take place in various buildings in and outside the TU / e campus. It is a nice opportunity to take a look into the world of technology and science, specially in the field of Energy, Health and Smart Mobility. You can admire Stella, the world’s first solar-powered family car that won the Solar Challenge in Australia, do exciting experiments in the Magic Lab or build your own robot. Attend a special children’s lecture by a real professor. Free entrance

Every day you can participate in the workshop keuken-lab, the kitchen-lab is a place where you can experiment and invent all sorts of kitchen materials. Admission is free.

Visit the Virtual Exhibition Moving Materials. This  is a travelling and growing exhibition, compiled and designed by Material Sense and part of the European project PROUD. You can see products created by new manufacturing techniques like laser cut DIY shoes and welded bags inspired by industrially made rain gear. Feel the clay like rubber ‘Sugru’ that helps fixing, modifying and improving your personal stuff. Wonder about how all kinds of digitally fabricated 3D printed objects, are designed for personalization and many many more. Free entrance.

On Wednesday 21st, Kids and adults can enjoy the VDL day. VDL Group takes you and your children for an hour into the wonderful world of technology! With fun hands-on activities and a quiz about technology.

During the final day The high tech campus will open its doors on May 24th, they will offer the HighTech Discovery Route, so you will can play soccer with a robot of VEDS Group, assemble a high tech product with parts of Brainport Industries companies, discover the latest lighting solutions at Philips, play Skylanders with NXP or enjoy one of the other amazing activities… You cannot miss it.  Hotspots are free, register not needed. 

And for the designers, creators, starters, students and any technology enthusiasts there are many many more options, visit the DTW website and you can see it all.