Sports in Eindhoven

Last year,  Eindhoven sports and Holland Expat Center  surveyed internationals in Eindhoven about their participation in sports.

Eindhoven Sports - Holland Expat Center

Eindhoven Sports and Holland Expat Center survey

The results were published by Holland Expat Center in December, almost 60% of the Internationals want to sport more, so we bring you a compilation of places, clubes, and associations you can join to practice your favourite sport, cheer your team or learn something new!


Eindhoven hosts very important teams in different sports:

Ice Hockey Eindhoven

Ice Hockey Eindhoven

Hockey.  Mixed Hockeyclub Oranje Zwart is a Dutch field hockey club founded on 1 September 1933. With around 1,700 members – as of 3 May 2006 – it is one of the biggest clubs in the Netherlands.

 Ice Hockey. Eindhoven Kemphanen is the professional ice hockey team of Eindhoven.  They play in the Dutch Cup and the Eredivisie, the highest-level hockey division in the Netherlands. Home games are played at the Ijssportcentrum Eindhoven.

E-Hockey. (electric wheelchair hockey).  E-hockey is played at several places in the world, but especially in Europe very well known and popular. The Netherlands has been No. 1 in the world. Last August, NL has become World Champion in Munich. The team from Eindhoven are called GP Bulls (Genneperparken Bulls). GP Bulls consists of five teams and is a growing association.

Swimming. One of the two national training centers for professional simmers is located in Eindhoven. Olympic gold medaillists like Ranomi Kromowidjojo, Inge Dekker and Marleen Veldhuis train in Eindhoven.  The pool was named after former triple Olympic Champion Pieter van den Hoogenband (The dutch dolphin).


PSV Eindhoven. (Philips Sport Vereniging) The club was founded in 1913 as a team for Phillips employees. It is one of the country’s “big three” clubs who have dominated Dutch football. Fans have named themselves ‘boeren’ (Dutch for either peasants or farmers), taking pride in Eindhoven’s status of being a provincial city and their Brabantian heritage.

FC Eindhoven. The club was founded on November 16, 1909 as EVV Eindhoven. They current play in the Eerste Divisie (second tier of Dutch football). FC Eindhoven play their home games at Jan Louwers Stadion, on the southern part of the city. The club’s official colours are blue and white, hence their nickname Blauw-Witten (The Blue-Whites).



Eindhoven is the setting of (inter) national sports performances and events like Marathon Eindhoven and European and World Championships swimming, water polo, diving and synchronized swimming. There are also technological and innovative events like the World Cup and Robocup Dutch Technology Week

Swim Cup Eindhoven. From April 2nd 2015 Eindhoven will be the stage of the 11th Swim Cup.  Many international players, including World champions and Olympic (gold) medal winners will compete during the Swim Cup. The starting field is spectacular and the competition is strong, the participants only have four days to qualify for the European Championships in Berlin.

Marathon Eindhoven. The Eindhoven Marathon  is an annual marathon race over the classic distance of 42.195km which is held in the city of Eindhoven in October. It has been an annual race since 1990 – it was held biennially over the eight years before this date. Also mini marathon for kids!!

Eindhoven Diving Cup. Eindhoven Diving Cup is the largest international diving event in the Netherlands. With about 200 participants from 16 different countries, and over 500 starts in the Pieter van den Hoogenband swimming stadium is this event a suitable qualification time for various European and World Championships, European and World Youth Championships.

PSV Matches. You can check the calendar for the season 2014-2015. Tickets are available at very affordable prices.

PSV Eindhoven Fans

PSV EIndhoven Fans

So, where you can do sports in Eindhoven?


Eindhoven Sports is the sports organization of the Municipality of Eindhoven. Eindhoven Sports supports, facilitates, manages, organizes, operates and connects. Eindhoven Sports offers facilities for everyone: the professional and recreational athletes.  You also can follow Eindhoven Sports on Facebook and twitter.

SwimmingTongelreep, Ottenbad.

Ice sports. Ijssportcentrum

Cricket. Cricket Club Eindhoven

The Student Sports Centre Eindhoven (SSC). For TU/e- and Fontys students and employees. 70 sports, (special) courses, extensive facilities, open 7 days per week, qualified (professional sports) teachers and 38 student sports clubs. More detailed info here.

Campus Sports.  From High Tech Campus, this program has more than 1200 members,  in different sports including: hockey, table tennins, football, skating, Capoeira, and many more.

Bowling EindhovenYou also can find associations for many sports such as Badminton, basketball, martial arts, volleybal, futsal, skin diving, bowling, fishing golf, gymnastics, football and many more using the Eindhoven Sports locator.  Or you can join these Meetup groups:

Sporty around EindhovenThe group enjoys a social and informal way of doing all sorts of activities like; fitness, running, cycling, sports and recreation, women’s fitness, outdoor fitness.

The Brabant Adventures. This group organizes different activities, starting from hikes and trips to the natural sites in the region, kayak tours and city tours.

Climbers from Eindhoven. This meetup group does indoors climbing in Eindhoven and suberbs and climb outdoors in Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany and other countries!

The Hub Eindhoven also hosts sessions of Yoga, Salsa dancing, Tai Chi and more.






GiT Network Partner |2| Daniel Neugebauer

This is the second edition of our ‘GiT Network Partners’

In six questions our partners give their impression of the Get in Touch program and offer some advices to make the life of internationals in Eindhoven happier and easier.

Big Thanks to Daniel!


Daniel Neugebauer

Daniel Neugebauer
Van Abbemuseum

1.  I AM..

Daniel Neugebauer, Hoofd Marketing, Bemiddeling en Fondsenwerving Van Abbemuseum

I hosted a couple of Get in Touch tours through different exhibitions at the museum.


It has always been a very rewarding experience. Open eyes and open minds came together and we  were able to look at art from very different backgrounds and perspectives.


That  the Museum is more frequently used as a tool for communication, expression and expanding one’s mind and seeing the world from a different perspective.


Do you speak artish? 🙂


The zwarte Piet trauma each end of the year seems to get better very slowly.


Art is a language that can bridge between the international and the local. I’ll be happy to keep helping to build these bridges in the future with the group.



An afternoon at the (van Abbe) museum, Eindhoven

Laura Maria Fernández Dïaz

This was going to be my first meeting with the GiT group. I expected to meet new people, some kind of guided tour and finding out how I would feel about further meetings with the group. What I experienced was beyond my expectations.

It was a very nice, sunny afternoon. I approached the museum and parked my bike. I had never been to the van Abbe before and I started looking with my eyes for the bar, the meeting point. I saw four people in a very nice terrace by the Dommel and one of them was “suspiciously” similar to that picture that was regularly coming in my mail box and that my brain associated to Carola. So, I started walking in that direction.

First thing I found was a luminous, welcoming, heartwarming smile: Carola’s. It was only the prelude of the delicious afternoon we spent together. First we had some drinks / food, while prese10339256_10204670811348824_1031482478563463500_onting ourselves (there was a couple of new people in the group, as myself). Then Daniel, or brilliant guide, came to welcome us and we had a small chat over the relevance and the operating mode of the van Abbe, before he introduced us in the very interesting world of modern art. And I have to say, Daniel made me for first time in my life, really appreciate modern art.

We started at a very cold, scary place, where you could face loneliness and purely yourself. You are there, alone, cold, just with yourself; how are you going to deal with it? What are you going to encounter in your inside to overcome this coldness, this loneliness? That was kind of the sensations you could feel by entering this place. Then Daniel explained this space was inspired in a bunker that the author encountered in the middle of a forest, where he dared to enter. It clearly made an impression on him. Impression that he was able to transfer to his spectators. And here is the magic. You are just in a regular day of your life, in a sunny small city where everything works, surrounded by a group of warm and nice people that you just met and someone, suddenly, puts you in a situation where you have to confront solitude and frostiness. Where you can make yourself questions about why or how. Questions that ultimately make you meet eyeball-to-eyeball human nature; and therefore humanize you. Here we go: ART. Only because Daniel was there, making the right questions, we could maximize this experience.

10669332_10204670872390350_6253185951070404395_oTo make it short, I will try to summarize the rest of the afternoon. We went through the new experience of associating odors to paintings. So, one somehow disturbing landscape painted by Kandisky coupled very well to a spices-rich smell; I think I can remember the strong clove among them, giving this troubling touch that fitted so well with the dark colors used in the canvas. Instead, another aroma associated to a “just” blue painting made me float in my own universe, infinite, without barriers or boundaries. I was free for a couple of eternal, boundless seconds.

To finish this gratifying experience, we had the chance to use real art works to depict a concept with which Daniel challenged us: unsettling friendship. We worked in couples to represent this concept and HAD A LOT OF FUN WITH IT.

THANKS SO MUCH for such a great experience! Hope to keep sharing with you, when possible, more pieces of this!