A new beginning .. Spicy Shop Tour

Lu Huang

Lu Huang







On Friday, 5th September, I attended the Spicy Shop Tour. The tour was the first time for me to attend the Get in Touch program. It was great for me! I met a lot of people from different countries with different cultures. This three hour tour meant a lot to me. Because I am not quite confident to talk with others as we have different manners and my English is bad.









But people in this GiT group are so nice, and we shared some interesting experiences. What makes me surprised most is Carola, a beautiful, kind and warm hearted lady with endless passion to gather international spouses, in Eindhoven, together to share cultures, food and experiences. It is so good to share my time with people here.

Although I have not attended their activities before, I realized that what this group does is to bring us a lot of chances to know friendly people and exchange not only words, but also cultures, experiences, and life in Eindhoven.


We started at the Outlet Bridal Shop near the Kruisstraat tunnel, and Carola began to introduce the spouses to each other. Then, I found this group was a huge big family containing Dutch, Russian, Turkish, Iranian, French and Chinese like me. Then I began to gradually get familiar with each other.

We walked and talked along the Kruisstraat to visit Russian, African, Iraqi, Persian, Moroccan, Surinam, Sri Lankan, Turkish, Polish, Indonesian, and so forth shops on our way.


A spouse in this group, Iroshini Perera, a very nice girl and a professional in cooking, gave us very useful information about spices, as she likes spices very much. Besides she guided us on how to buy fresh meat, fruit and vegetables in a Turkish shop. She also told us how to cook some different kinds of vegetables and spices in the right way. And then we rode our bikes to the Amazing Oriental Superstore. Some traditional sauces are provided in this supermarket, and Ying, another spouse in GiT, introduced different kinds of sauces to the others and provided some suggestions on how to cook noodles and something else.

At last, we sat down for a snack and to share feelings about this activity. Everybody had a very good time. I really appreciated Carola’s help and the spouses of this group. I can learn more from this family. I hope I can do more to make this group become diversified. Thank you very much.


Lu Huang