Yummy Turkish Cooking Workshop

Deepti Throat

Deepti Throat

Last Thursday we had a great time in the common room cooking with Seda Baskurt. Seda conducted a wonderful workshop on Turkish cooking. In this workshop, we learned how to make Kisir Salad and Yaprak Sarma. Kisir salad is a delicious appetizer which is made of bulgur which is a cereal food made from the groats of wheat, fresh vegetables, and citron which gave it had nice tangy taste. We helped Seda with washing and cutting the vegetables after several efforts by Carola in motivating us to do so 🙂 Yaprak sarma is a traditional Turkish fingerfood which is made of rice cooked with some spices, olive oil and tomatoes. In the beginning we were not sure how to turn on the stove for cooking the rice, but luckily we figured that out with the help of several suggestions. Finally, the cooked rice is rolled in grape leaves in finger-shaped rolls and they are boiled in a sauce until it is perfectly cooked. As making the rolls is a slow process, a lot of us decided to give hands so that we can eat faster 🙂 Finally, it was eating time and all the efforts and handwork was worth it. We would like to thank Seda for this wonderful Workshop and looking forward for similar delicious workshops in the future.

Seda is teaching us :)

Seda is teaching us 🙂

Carola’s Corner in 100 Words |1|

Carola Eijsenring

Carola Eijsenring


Today I ‘ll start with a new rubric: ‘Carola’s Corner’. In this Corner, I would like to reflect regularly upon Get in Touch past, present and future. Each time in max 100 words. 

Seems like yesterday .. Silke Georgi and me discussing plans for a warm social support for international spouses. Their needs & wants should be leading.  A personal approach and an equal level, is what we believed in. We found the same enthusiasm in Willem van Hoorn (TU/e) in one of our regular catch-up talks. Now, just over 3 years ago .. on 24th of March 2011 to be precise .. we launched our very 1st  Git Meeting, conducted by Silke, in the location of Indigo-Wereld. Few months later this 1st group pic. Many would follow ..


First Get in Touch ‘group pic’: in location of Indigo-Wereld in the Hoogstraat, 15th of November 2011

First Get in Touch ‘group pic’: in the location of Indigo-Wereld in the Hoogstraat, 15th of November 2011


Farewell to the Get in Touch Family in Eindhoven

Richa Sharma

Richa Sharma

Dear All,

Welcome to my farewell party. This is the first one ever for me. Thanks, to you guys who wanted to surprise me. Thank you to my dear students. I hope you will do these dances I taught, in different occasions of your life, and feel like a Bollywood queen because that’s what I wanted to make happen for you guys.

I hate farewells; usually farewells make everyone sad. The person who is leaving, as well as his or her friends. So I always ran away from my friends without saying a farewell to them. But somehow I felt I wanted this farewell. And I know there is a purpose that will be fulfilled. So this farewell will not make us sad.

Not very long ago, I came here as a chirpy bird full of hope and excitement for a new beginning in Eindhoven. But soon I became angry, frustrated and lonely. I looked for support from my husband, but soon realized how much of my support he actually needed. I was an empty well, of empty days spent doing house chores, job applications, interviews that ended in rejection and hanging out with friends that could not empathize with me.

Farewell Party with Great Ladies

Farewell Party with Great Ladies

So how could I give the water of comfort, hope, cheerfulness to him? I knew that there had to be a source of the positive energy, empathy and support that I needed to stand completely on my own, so that I could then support him.

Like a heart’s prayer answered, I became a part of a group of beautiful hearted ladies. And the simple things we did together healed me. Outwardly we were cooking, shopping, and visiting places together; and on the inside it was curing me of all my pains. I think it is the genuine affection we get from each other that acts like a healing balm.

Slowly, I got the strength to take one step ahead and to make a mark in this foreign land with my passion: dancing. Starting and finishing 3 batches gave me immense satisfaction and improved my entrepreneurial qualities. I was becoming better in my interviews not coz I was studying more but simply coz I was settling in and was getting more confident with the practicalities of the place.

Then there was so much I could learn from the wonderful ladies going through different situations in life. With all these empathic ladies we can have such valuable connections, that it feels like you are in a wonderland; where, what you were lacking, you get. You just have to figure out a way.

So today, I am a much more emotionally stronger woman, one who can pursue her dreams on her own and also supports her husband a little better. I would like to use this opportunity, where we have come together to bid me a farewell, to let you know that, yes, whatever you are facing can be very difficult: a new land, a new culture, new professional roadblocks, babies, no family or close friends & a very busy husbands. But just knowing that you are not alone is the first step towards redemption.

All Together :)

All Together 🙂

And please don’t stay too much at home. Come out and meet these wonderful, beautiful ladies. Do things together. Go places together. Make connections that are valuable to you. Go behind your passions; chase and hunt them down – and you will be better, stronger and not afraid, because of it. And that’s when your husbands can start depending on you.

With this I would like to acknowledge the mother bird who made this nest for us, where we chi-chat and do much more. The one loved by us all so dearly that the sight of her makes you miss home a little less each day. Because you know she can make it okay for you. And she does!

Best Regards,

Richa Sharma