Cheap Stuff in Eindhoven

Once in a while we make GiT Secondhand Shop Tours, but before that you might want to know where to go for yourself already.

So here some addresses for all of you .. sorry most info in Dutch.

Please check the different opening hours

P.S In some of the shops, you also can find furniture, lamps, vases, tools, games and much more.

Second-hand shops tour

Second-hand shops tour

Books 4 Life,   Hertogstraat 2-N

Emmaus, Genneperweg 11

Wereldhuis, Laagstraat 288-A

Karoesell Kringloopwinkel (recycling shop)

Het Goed, Meerenakkerweg 2

Kringloop De Grootste Bazaar, Bomansplaats

Terre des Hommes, Heezerweg 300

Enjoy the search.. maybe you can find some tresure, like this one for €0.75

Second-hand book