Carola’s Corner in 100 Words |16|

Carola Eijsenring

Carola Eijsenring


Just over a  week ago our last swim, last pitjit (massage), last packing our bags before going back home. Indonesia has been an intense and enriching journey with both my sons.

Connecting with our old Eisenring clan as well as to our new Indonesian friends, has been a great gift. Sniffing, tasting, feeling our Asian roots, our tropical ‘tanah’, birth ground, made me happy, grateful, reflective and somehow sad as well, due to an inevitable being cut off and teared apart.

To us the challenge to integrate those spread out roots and create our own home, filled with this abundancy.

maisC in zwembad

GT vliegtuig

Carola’s Corner in 100 Words |6|

Carola Eijsenring

Carola Eijsenring



Recently a fresh branch grew out of the GiT tree: the GiT Theatre Focus Group. It’s one of the so many extra initiatives from spouses, external partners and/or myself:  GiT with Dutch, International & Bollywood Dance Groups, Group Talks about ‘Challenges of Living Abroad’, ‘Start up your own Bizznizz’ Workshop, Gardening Group, Committees for Events & Potlucks, Djembé Group, Spouses Film, Blog Committee. Some activities started in GiT and were continued by the spouses as workshops or enterprises of their own. This makes me so proud and warm at heart: spouses finding their ways to build up a meaningful life again.



Carola’s Corner in 100 Words |5|


Carola Eijsenring

Carola Eijsenring


Get in Touch with Dutch’ is one of the branches of GiT. Each week 7 involved teachers introduce our spouses into Dutch language and culture. Small groups in different levels in a cozy atmosphere. Recently, I dropped spontaneously into the advanced group. One of the students corrected me immediately when I dared to speak English: ‘Hier praten we Nederlands’! I was impressed by the awesome progress of the ladies. This goes for all the groups .. same ambition and same enthusiasm, which help to connect with the Dutch. Thanks to our teachers: Corry, Els, Henny, Jessie, Leny, Nelleke and Theia!

DSCN2347Get in Touch with Dutch’