Groeten uit Eindhoven. Sending postcards.

One of the most curious things for me when I arrived in The Netherlands was to find postcards or cards everywhere. Despite the internet full of e-cards and all the apps for instant messages, Dutchies still love to write and send cards in the old fashion way. They have been sending postcards since the 19th Century.

The postcards have been redesigned many times. Until 1905 you only could write the name and the address in the back of the postcards, because adding messages was very expensive.  Nowadays its a very affordable and nice way to let people know about you.

In 2005,  The Netherlands was in third place when it comes to the greatest number of greeting cards sent per capita, with a total of 450 million cards. Also you can buy cards in 8000 shops across the country(1). 

I must confess i was reluctant to join that practice at the beginning, but then i start receiving so many beautiful cards and postcards that i couldn’t resist anymore…one day I surrendered! Now every time i go on holiday, i look for local post offices to send postcards and surprise family and friends.

Groeten uit Eindhoven

Groeten uit Eindhoven

Now, as part of the cultural integration, we have a new section in our blog, Groeten uit Eindhoven. Using the format of a postcard we will post pictures from expats in Eindhoven. The pictures can be about interesting places int he city, nice moments, something curious.. well the sky is the limit.

The pictures (jpg format) with a short description can be sent to

We start today with our first postcard,

and Groeten uit Eindhoven!!

(1) Source:  Wikipedia (Ansichtkaart)Wikipedia (wenskaart)