This is Eindhoven

This is Eindhoven is the new official tourist website of the cityof Eindhoven, managed by city marketing organization Eindhoven365 and This is Eindhoven Brandstore/ Tourist Office.

In June 2014, city marketing organization Eindhoven365 and the Municipality of Eindhoven introduced the new Eindhoven brand. This new identity shows a vibrant city, full of energy and creativity.

You can read more about the brand and the process of creation in EHV365 or Merk Eindhoven. By the way,  have you ever wonder what the new logo means? Well check this video to know.

The new website, includes all you can expect from an official tourist site, but gives special attention to the shopping areas. Not only the shopping malls, but also the street markets, concept stores and design stores.

So it is time to check the city guides to discover or rediscover this fantastic city or  join one of the multiple events in the agenda for 2015.