Groeten uit Eindhoven. Sending postcards.

One of the most curious things for me when I arrived in The Netherlands was to find postcards or cards everywhere. Despite the internet full of e-cards and all the apps for instant messages, Dutchies still love to write and send cards in the old fashion way. They have been sending postcards since the 19th Century.

The postcards have been redesigned many times. Until 1905 you only could write the name and the address in the back of the postcards, because adding messages was very expensive.  Nowadays its a very affordable and nice way to let people know about you.

In 2005,  The Netherlands was in third place when it comes to the greatest number of greeting cards sent per capita, with a total of 450 million cards. Also you can buy cards in 8000 shops across the country(1). 

I must confess i was reluctant to join that practice at the beginning, but then i start receiving so many beautiful cards and postcards that i couldn’t resist anymore…one day I surrendered! Now every time i go on holiday, i look for local post offices to send postcards and surprise family and friends.

Groeten uit Eindhoven

Groeten uit Eindhoven

Now, as part of the cultural integration, we have a new section in our blog, Groeten uit Eindhoven. Using the format of a postcard we will post pictures from expats in Eindhoven. The pictures can be about interesting places int he city, nice moments, something curious.. well the sky is the limit.

The pictures (jpg format) with a short description can be sent to

We start today with our first postcard,

and Groeten uit Eindhoven!!

(1) Source:  Wikipedia (Ansichtkaart)Wikipedia (wenskaart)

This is Eindhoven

This is Eindhoven is the new official tourist website of the cityof Eindhoven, managed by city marketing organization Eindhoven365 and This is Eindhoven Brandstore/ Tourist Office.

In June 2014, city marketing organization Eindhoven365 and the Municipality of Eindhoven introduced the new Eindhoven brand. This new identity shows a vibrant city, full of energy and creativity.

You can read more about the brand and the process of creation in EHV365 or Merk Eindhoven. By the way,  have you ever wonder what the new logo means? Well check this video to know.

The new website, includes all you can expect from an official tourist site, but gives special attention to the shopping areas. Not only the shopping malls, but also the street markets, concept stores and design stores.

So it is time to check the city guides to discover or rediscover this fantastic city or  join one of the multiple events in the agenda for 2015.

Sports in Eindhoven

Last year,  Eindhoven sports and Holland Expat Center  surveyed internationals in Eindhoven about their participation in sports.

Eindhoven Sports - Holland Expat Center

Eindhoven Sports and Holland Expat Center survey

The results were published by Holland Expat Center in December, almost 60% of the Internationals want to sport more, so we bring you a compilation of places, clubes, and associations you can join to practice your favourite sport, cheer your team or learn something new!


Eindhoven hosts very important teams in different sports:

Ice Hockey Eindhoven

Ice Hockey Eindhoven

Hockey.  Mixed Hockeyclub Oranje Zwart is a Dutch field hockey club founded on 1 September 1933. With around 1,700 members – as of 3 May 2006 – it is one of the biggest clubs in the Netherlands.

 Ice Hockey. Eindhoven Kemphanen is the professional ice hockey team of Eindhoven.  They play in the Dutch Cup and the Eredivisie, the highest-level hockey division in the Netherlands. Home games are played at the Ijssportcentrum Eindhoven.

E-Hockey. (electric wheelchair hockey).  E-hockey is played at several places in the world, but especially in Europe very well known and popular. The Netherlands has been No. 1 in the world. Last August, NL has become World Champion in Munich. The team from Eindhoven are called GP Bulls (Genneperparken Bulls). GP Bulls consists of five teams and is a growing association.

Swimming. One of the two national training centers for professional simmers is located in Eindhoven. Olympic gold medaillists like Ranomi Kromowidjojo, Inge Dekker and Marleen Veldhuis train in Eindhoven.  The pool was named after former triple Olympic Champion Pieter van den Hoogenband (The dutch dolphin).


PSV Eindhoven. (Philips Sport Vereniging) The club was founded in 1913 as a team for Phillips employees. It is one of the country’s “big three” clubs who have dominated Dutch football. Fans have named themselves ‘boeren’ (Dutch for either peasants or farmers), taking pride in Eindhoven’s status of being a provincial city and their Brabantian heritage.

FC Eindhoven. The club was founded on November 16, 1909 as EVV Eindhoven. They current play in the Eerste Divisie (second tier of Dutch football). FC Eindhoven play their home games at Jan Louwers Stadion, on the southern part of the city. The club’s official colours are blue and white, hence their nickname Blauw-Witten (The Blue-Whites).



Eindhoven is the setting of (inter) national sports performances and events like Marathon Eindhoven and European and World Championships swimming, water polo, diving and synchronized swimming. There are also technological and innovative events like the World Cup and Robocup Dutch Technology Week

Swim Cup Eindhoven. From April 2nd 2015 Eindhoven will be the stage of the 11th Swim Cup.  Many international players, including World champions and Olympic (gold) medal winners will compete during the Swim Cup. The starting field is spectacular and the competition is strong, the participants only have four days to qualify for the European Championships in Berlin.

Marathon Eindhoven. The Eindhoven Marathon  is an annual marathon race over the classic distance of 42.195km which is held in the city of Eindhoven in October. It has been an annual race since 1990 – it was held biennially over the eight years before this date. Also mini marathon for kids!!

Eindhoven Diving Cup. Eindhoven Diving Cup is the largest international diving event in the Netherlands. With about 200 participants from 16 different countries, and over 500 starts in the Pieter van den Hoogenband swimming stadium is this event a suitable qualification time for various European and World Championships, European and World Youth Championships.

PSV Matches. You can check the calendar for the season 2014-2015. Tickets are available at very affordable prices.

PSV Eindhoven Fans

PSV EIndhoven Fans

So, where you can do sports in Eindhoven?


Eindhoven Sports is the sports organization of the Municipality of Eindhoven. Eindhoven Sports supports, facilitates, manages, organizes, operates and connects. Eindhoven Sports offers facilities for everyone: the professional and recreational athletes.  You also can follow Eindhoven Sports on Facebook and twitter.

SwimmingTongelreep, Ottenbad.

Ice sports. Ijssportcentrum

Cricket. Cricket Club Eindhoven

The Student Sports Centre Eindhoven (SSC). For TU/e- and Fontys students and employees. 70 sports, (special) courses, extensive facilities, open 7 days per week, qualified (professional sports) teachers and 38 student sports clubs. More detailed info here.

Campus Sports.  From High Tech Campus, this program has more than 1200 members,  in different sports including: hockey, table tennins, football, skating, Capoeira, and many more.

Bowling EindhovenYou also can find associations for many sports such as Badminton, basketball, martial arts, volleybal, futsal, skin diving, bowling, fishing golf, gymnastics, football and many more using the Eindhoven Sports locator.  Or you can join these Meetup groups:

Sporty around EindhovenThe group enjoys a social and informal way of doing all sorts of activities like; fitness, running, cycling, sports and recreation, women’s fitness, outdoor fitness.

The Brabant Adventures. This group organizes different activities, starting from hikes and trips to the natural sites in the region, kayak tours and city tours.

Climbers from Eindhoven. This meetup group does indoors climbing in Eindhoven and suberbs and climb outdoors in Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany and other countries!

The Hub Eindhoven also hosts sessions of Yoga, Salsa dancing, Tai Chi and more.