Indigo-Wereld developed the program ‘Get in Touch with people & places in Eindhoven’, meant for spouses of international knowledge

Get in Touch helps international spouses to find an anchoring in the new residence. Along with their partners, they face the challenge to create a stable home to live up to the investment of their mission.

‘HR management has not only to do with the job and the workload, but should also support the spouses. The program helps them to make friends and to have an idea of what Eindhoven has to offer.’ (Mr. J.P. van Ham, Vice President of the Executive Board of TU/e)

Get in Touch offers a variety of activities: Weekly trips, tours or network meetings, educationally, culturally and socially to get in touch with people & places and start building a new personal network. Short track projects next to the weekly meetings, such as: dance and music groups, film project, group talks. Trips &

Tours help them find out some useful information in regard to educational, cultural and social facilities. Besides, they could orientate on (un)paid jobs, studies or other meaningful activities and build their social networks.


Coaching & counseling around ‘the challenges of living abroad’ and (external) support when seeking for (un)paid jobs, studies or other meaningful activities.

Get in Touch also offers Dutch lessons for the spouses who are willing to learn the language. There are two different levels and a conversation group, the sessions are every week in the campus of Tu/E

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