GiT International Recipes | Spicy Vegan Soup | Audrey Fournier


Audrey Fournier

Next to Giulia Pisani and Elin Hansson, also our dear GiT spouse Audrey Fournier contributed to the recent GiT Health International Food Workshop in January.

Am very happy to introduce Audrey who presented her spicy and yummy recipe by this beautiful powerpoint presentation.

She also explained clearly which choices she had made to make her recipe more healthy and how she likes to expand her awareness about ecological sustainable ingredients as well.

Thanks a lot Audrey, we loved the taste of it!



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GiT International recipes | Yummy and Healthy | Giulia Pisani


Giulia Pisani

Would love to introduce our dear Get in Touch spouse Giulia Pisani. Giulia and two other Get in Touch spouses (Audrey Fournier & Elin Hansson) have recently given a GiT  workshop ‘yummy & healthy cooking’, in cooperation with Annemiek & Marieke who are specialized in healthy food promotion.

Giulia showed us various dishes to bake and cook: lovely sweet apple honey cookies, by using the ‘waste’ of apples, and two varieties of a tasty ‘gruel’ of chick peas, a fabulous pancakelike side dish. In this Powerpoint Presentation she informs us about the recipes, the healthy choices she made, useful info about the contents of the ingredients, and interesting historical background stories of those dishes.

Thanks a lot, dear Giulia .. :)!


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GiT International Recipe | Pav Bhaji | Swapnali Chaudhary


Swapnali Chaudhary

Am very happy to post this delicious home made recipe of Swapnali’s own Pav Bhaji. She showed us this tasty dish in one of our recent Get in Touch Cooking Workshops @ her hospitable home.

Swapnali informed us about the background of this famous Mumbai dish, showed us how to prepare it, and invites us to help her as well, and most of all .. offered each of us a full plate of the warm freshly made Pav Bhaji .. yummy!!

Below you could read her story and recipe and try for yourself.

Thx a lot dear Swapnali :)!


Pav bhaji brings back the memories of me admiring the red golden sunset by the Juhu beach while enjoying this red golden tasty dish from a nearby food stall, the serving lady encouraging me to eat one more pav at the Cannon pav bhaji center and the chitchat with friends at Godrej canteen in college back in Mumbai. The aroma was such, we were dragged to canteen at sharp 4pm. Though it is a snack dish, I can eat it at any time of the day. The recipe differs from person to person but the key ingredients remain the same (butter, vegetables, Pav Bhaji Masala and pav). I am sharing the recipe that I usually follow.

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