GiT Masterchef Turkish Recipes (1) | Yaprak Sarma | Aysegül Mike


Aysegül Mike

Am very happy to introduce a short serial of yummy Turkish recipes, made by Aysegül, Ecem, Ayse & Tugce. They prepared beautiful dishes during one of our Get in Touch cooking workshop on 21st of September 2017 .

We’ll start with the recipe of our host of that Get in Touch Workshop: Aysegül Mike

Thanks a lot Aysegül, for sharing your recipe & memories: see below!


Rolled Grape/Wine Leaves with Aromatic Rice



Yaprak sarma is a traditional dish in Turkey that is typically grape vine leaves rolled and filled with minced meat or vegetables.

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My first crochet assignment | Megha Vaidya

Megha Mhere

Megha Vaidya

Proudly I present .. Megha Vaidya, one of our awesome and active Get in Touch spouses ..

She is involved in many extra GiT activities .. adding enthusiasm, skills and lot of memorable stories to the GiT meetups.

Several times Megha gave inspiring presentations, such as in the GiT group an interesting powerpoint presentation about her home country Nepal, and @ TU/e in a European meetup of HR officers a strong & touching talk about her personal Get in Touch experiences.

Now she’ll present another talent of hers .. crocheting .. she just discovered this skill and shows her adorable pieces ..  beautiful venture, Megha, go for it and lots of success .. :)!



On 19th June I received my first crochet assignment. My friend Laavanyaa wanted to give crochet gifts as return gift on her daughter’s birthday at her school. She planned hat keyring for boys and tot bag keyring for girls. In total, I had to prepare eight and twelve keyrings respectively for 3rd July. I was glad for the opportunity and my height of happiness was immeasurable.

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Looking back on Get in Touch | Seda Baskurt


Seda Baskurt

Am delighted to present the inspirational and useful reflection of our former Get in Touch spouse: Seda Baskurt (Turkey, psychologist). She as been an active member of our Get in Touch Family for years. In 2014 she started to join the Get in Touch program until she had to leave us in July 2015  for a one year stay back home in the US , where she grew up. After returning back again to The Netherlands, she and her husband moved to a northern part of Holland. We’ve missed her ever since, but at the same time are happy that they found a good place to build their new life in The Netherlands!

Below you’ll find her answers on the GiT ‘looking back’ questionnaire for GiT spouses who had to leave GiT for various reasons.

Thanks a lot, dear Seda .. and welcome anytime whenever you’re visiting Eindhoven .. :)!


My general opinion about the program is that it is organized. There is always something to do every week which made me look forward to come to. The communication is very consistent. Every activity is reached out the all members via e-mail which I think was very nice. The e-mails are very detailed about what will happen and where we are supposed to meet. Continue reading