Indigo-Wereld connects quite different worlds. Each person has his own life story, her own vision, a private history. By sharing narratives, you don’t just share knowledge, but equally important .. emotions. Working, worrying, laughing, living together .. for Indigo-Wereld, these are all means to connect in freedom and all kinds of diversity, with your inner self and with each other. Connected, we all gain strength!

Indigo-Wereld is initiated by Carola Eijsenring (1954). Since 2006, she creates as a social entrepreneur a broad range of activities and projects, in which she develops possibilities to connect worlds of difference. Graduated as an orthopedagogue (Educational Science), she worked for more than 25 years in various professions in the intersectional fields of education and welfare, always from a multicultural point of view. Her widespread experience as bridge builder, creator of cross-cultural chances and expert in the field of empowering hidden talents, she now makes use of for all of the projects in her own enterprise Indigo-Wereld. Thereby, she cooperates regularly and with joy, with other professionals in various fields, freelancers as well as volunteer workers.

Indigo-Wereld developed the programs ‘Get in Touch with people & places in Eindhoven’, meant for spouses of international knowledge workers and the practical Group Coaching Program ‘The Inner Power, embracing your hidden qualities’. The Inner Power program supports students who are struggling with severe study delay or even cessation of study, due to personal and/or social setbacks.In close cooperation with Fontys Teacher Training College Eindhoven, some good experiences have been achieved with positive results for the students involved and for the college as well.

From Mother to Daughter, Sharing Narratives, Eindhoven

From Mother to Daughter, Sharing Narratives, Eindhoven

Besides the two larger projects, we are in for any new intiatives or signals from the outside world. When it fits into the main perspective ‘connecting worlds of difference’, we develop with enthusiasm, together with you, new valuable projects and activities: ‘The Chamber of Tales of Indigo-Wereld’ and Group ‘Talks with Parents’.

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