Looking back on GiT | Irem Bezcioglu


Irem Bezcioglu

Am very happy to present this article with thoughts, experiences and feedback of one of our first Get in Touch spouses: Irem Bezcioglu.

She kindly replied to our questionnaire which we’ve been sending around to our GiT spouses who have attended the GiT Program for some time, and then had to quit because of a good cause: a study, moving town, a job, getting pregnant, or any other understandable reason.

We were curious to know their ideas and recommendations, and their views on the impact of the GiT Progam on their lives.

Thanks a lot Irem, for your willingness and openness and for your postive comments.

We’ve been very happy to have had you with us, with your active and inspiring involvement throughout the years (and still .. now as a GiT partner). One of Irem’s many GiT initiatives has been the start of this Get in Touch Blog, for which we’re very grateful to her (and also to Yolima & Iro, the other initiators).

Introduction Irem

My name is Irem Bezcioğlu Göktolga, 29 years old, from Turkey.

Currently I am a PhD student in Culture Studies in Tilburg University.

What do you think of the Get in Touch Program?

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Secondhand & Vintage Stores Eindhoven | Carola Eijsenring

IMG_1842 (2)

Carola Eijsenring

Once in a while we make GiT Secondhand & Vintage Shop Tours, and sometimes it’s included in other GiT Tours like last Friday in our GiT Woensel West Side Tour.

Good and useful stuff for small prices .. recycling products for a good cause .. interesting and worthwhile to try and check out, I guess.

Below I’d like to present some of these venues and stores in Eindhoven.



Unfortunately the info on the sites is mostly written in Dutch, but the details and pics might be useful to get a feel and find at least the details of those places with a variety of products .. toys, books, furniture, crockery & cutlery, lamps, vases, tools, children’s games, baby equipments, cloths, and much more odds & ends.

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Motherhood Matters | Carola Eijsenring

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Carola Eijsenring

Since we started our Get in Touch program more than 5 years ago, spouses were mothers, became pregnant or were thinking about starting families.

Although the majority of the GiT spouses don’t have children (yet), as ‘aunties’ they do enjoy kids and are involved in the well-being of them by helping out at lunch time in the International School, baby-sitting kids of other GiT spouses, looking out for nephews and nieces, and of the kids who play around during GiT meetups.

So one way or other, all of us care for kids. In this post I would like to inform you about various activities and services according to motherhood issues .. pls use it to your advantage and enjoy!

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