Motivation – how to find it when we lose it? | Lenise Collimore

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Lenise Collimore

Am happy to present Lenise Collimore, one of our lovely Get in Touch Network Partners, who once has given an inspiring talk to tour Get in Touch Group (see pics in this blogpost).

She then told us about her own personal ‘journey in life’, coming from somewhere else in the world, via via landed in Eindhoven, and how she managed to get herself rooted again.

Her initiative to start her own blog ‘Eindhoven in Motion’ has been a great support for herself, but also for a lot of followers, especially internationals who are searching around for useful and relevant information about sports in general, sports events, specific sports, sport experiences .. in English!

Lenise provides for that in her appealing personal way in her blog ‘Eindhoven in Motion’.  Below she has written a post for our own Get in Touch Blog about how motivation and ‘getting in motion’ are closely linked to each other … enjoy and thx Lenise !


Some days I just don’t have it. I get snowballed with work and family life. And I can procrastinate with the best of them. “I don’t have time”, I say. “I will do it tomorrow”, I tell myself, unconvincingly. And the more I do this, the less motivation I have. And the less motivation I have, the more I put things off. And the more I put things off, the worse I feel. It can affect my sleep, my mood, my concentration, and my choices.

For me, exercise and motivation are tightly linked. If I don’t get a good dose of movement in my day, I can’t quite keep up with anything. But what happens when I don’t have the motivation to exercise? How do I find it again?

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GiT Network Partner | 11 | Monique Derksen


Monique Derksen | Musique Monde

Our GiT Network Partner Monique Derksen has for years contributed to quite a lot of Women Events , organized by Indigo-Wereld.

Since some years she also has been actively involved in various events and dance shows of Get in Touch: accompanying dance performances, but also organizing and conducting an awesome GiT Djembé Show, which has been performed on various occasions. Besides, she has been giving djembé workshops for GiT spouses as well.

I proudly present: Monique Derksen!

BTW her original text is in Dutch, translated in English by me.

I AM ..  

My name is Monique Derksen. I have my own small company, Musique Monde, offering African dance and percussion lessons, workshops, performances, music projects, theater, tailor made music presentations, etc. For me the djembé is to be used in many versatile ways ..

Carola I met via mutual friends. First I got to know her as a writer and a poet. Then I cooperated with her in her women event  ‘From mother to daughter .. women of the world share their stories’, in the Parktheater (2008). After that event I got involved again in various of her other international women events in town (organized by her company Indigo-Wereld).

Together with the Get in Touch Group I have given a dance workshop as part of the International Women’s Day, Carola initiated and organized (2013). In that workshop we let the participants to try and get in touch with 5 international dances. I showed the African dance myself and accompanied the other dances with my music and rhythms. Loved to do it together with GiT.

The GiT international dance show, one of the other GiT initiatives at that moment, I have accompanied with my live percussion as well at several performances in town.

GiT spouses who were interested in percussion, I have been teaching for some months to prepare for their show at the ‘GiT Potluck Party’ in 2013 and for the grand public event ‘Get in touch with .. Get in Touch’ in 2014.


Mijn naam is Monique Derksen. Ik heb een eigen bedrijfje, Musique Monde, in Afrikaanse Dans en Percussie lessen en workshops, optredens, muzikale projecten, theater, muziek op maat etc. De djembé is voor mij ruim inzetbaar. Carola leerde ik via vriendinnen kennen eerst als schrijfster en dichteres. Daarna door samenwerking bij de Moerdermanifestatie in het Parktheater (2009?) en diverse Int. vrouwendagen. Met de GIT groep heb ik op Int. Vrouwendag (2013) een dansworkshop gegeven waarbij 5 internationale dansen aan bod kwamen. Ik kon toen zowel Afrikaanse Dans geven als de andere dansen muzikaal/ritmisch begeleiden, wat ik geweldig vond om te doen. Ik heb hun Int. Dansshow enkele malen begeleid met live percussie. De GIT dames die geïnteresseerd waren in percussie heb ik een aantal maanden begeleid naar een optreden toe voor de Potluck Party (2013) en uiteindelijk “GIT voor GIT” (2014).


Inspiring: the cultural diversity, all the different dances and music, rhythms from all over the world. Smashing!

Interesting exchange of all kind of first hand information, cultural or politics, I find very informative.

The GiT community is for me a very enjoyable and colorful group to hang out with.


Inspirerend: de culturele diversiteit, al die verschillende dansen en muziek, ritmes van over de hele wereld. Smullen! Interessante Uitwisseling: van allerlei informatie, cultureel of politiek, vanuit 1e hand, is zeer leerzaam. Erg plezierig en kleurrijk gezelschap om tussen te verblijven/toeven.


I  could imagine that one experiences the climate here more cold and wet than ‘at home’: short days and not a lot of sun in winter. Lack of vitamin D is to be expected then.

My advice: take care to pick products which contain vitamin D, such as sundried mushrooms or fish. Also you could take vitamin D pills to give you more energy.


Kan me voorstellen dat het klimaat kouder en natter ervaren wordt dan thuis: in de winter weinig zon en korte dagen. Vitamine D gebrek. Mijn advies is: zorg dat je producten eet die vitamine D bevatten, zoals zongedroogde paddenstoelen en vis. Eventueel kun je ook vitamine D pillen slikken. Voor meer energie.


What was your first impression of Eindhoven and did that impression change over time?

What do yóu find striking and/or characteristic of The Netherlands?


Wat was jullie eerste indruk van Eindhoven en is die indruk veranderd? Wat vinden júllie opvallend en/of apart aan Nederland?


An excessively organized (and flat) country, a lot of rules, regulations and prohibitions. Down to earth: ‘act normal = crazy enough’ (‘when you act normal, you’re already mad enough’), false modesty or maybe too critical? Punctuality. Being straight and direct in communication which could be interpreted as rude. Thrift: saving supermarket stamps, splitting bills in restaurants and going for bargains. Camping and biking.

The ‘Elfstedentocht‘ (huge Dutch outdoor ice skating event in Friesland along 11 villages and towns) and the ‘Vierdaagse’ (yearly massive Dutch walking event in 4 days in Nijmegen). Everyone wrapped and clothed in orange colors at all the big national and international sport events. Gay marriages and the yearly ‘Gay Pride Parade’ in the Amsterdam canals, aberrant drug policy.

However, I am afraid that the tolerance has declined over the last few years and that The Netherlands is no longer paramount in progressiveness and tolerance ..


Overgeorganiseerd (en vlak) land, veel regels en verboden. Nuchterheid: “doe maar gewoon = gek genoeg”, valse bescheidenheid of te kritisch? Stiptheid. Directheid in contact wat soms bot over kan komen. Zuinigheid: zegeltjes sparen, rekeningen delen in restaurants en afdingen bv . Kamperen en fietsen. Elfstedentocht (schaatsen) en Vierdaagse (wandelen) in Nijmegen. Zich massaal in oranje hullen bij (int.) sportevenementen. Homohuwelijk en Gaypride in de Amsterdamse grachten, afwijkend drugsbeleid. Ben alleen bang dat de verdraagzaamheid is afgenomen de laatste jaren en dat NL niet meer zo voorop loopt in vooruitstrevendheid en tolerantie ..


I do hope that we will be cooperating again in  near future, preferably with a dance and music project!


Ik hoop dat we in de nabije toekomst weer eens  gaan samenwerken: met een dans en muziekproject liefst!




When ‘Space’ becomes ‘Place’ | Dirk van Eck

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Dirk van Eck

In this year – 2015 – we had the pleasure of having Dirk van Eck as an intern in Indigo-Wereld for some months.

As a Master student Human Geography at the Radboud University of Nijmegen, he had focused in his research thesis on the Get in Touch Program as a means to help make ‘Space’ into ‘Place’, something anyone who moves to an new and unknown residence will come across.

Shortly after, he graduated cum laude (!) .. many congrats Dirk!



IMG_3751During 3 months he has actively attended all the weekly Get in Touch meetings, trips and tours.

He even conducted a useful GiT Workshop himself :’Bike Repair’.

In this sunny outdoor workshop he showed us how to patch a tire and how to replace the chain when it has fallen off.


IMG_1438After finishing he stayed on with Get in Touch as  a teacher for the GiT Intermediate Dutch group.

During his internship he mixed and mingled in the GiT groups, informally spoke with a lot of GiT spouses, made attentive opbservations during the meetings and had some long interviews with some of our GiT spouses.

IMG_7619 (2)All of this he integrated in his thesis with the title ‘Taking Place,
The Phenomenology of Expat Spouses’ Familiarisation with a New Environment’.

IMG_9516Especially for us, he wrote an informative and interesting article about his findings, titled ‘When ‘Space’ becomes ‘Place’, and held a fascinating presentation about this.


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See below the fine article by Dirk van Eck .. enjoy!