Irma Speetjes & her Childbirth Class | Interview by our GiT spouse Irem Bezcioglu

Am very happy to present this interview with Irma Speetjens about her Childbirth Class, initiated and carried out by Irem Bezcioglu!

Finding your way in a new country is demanding! There are thousands of things to ask, learn and remember. After living in Eindhoven for more than 4 years, I thought I had learnt enough!

Yet I started all over again when I found out I was going to have a baby. Among the many learning experiences during pregnancy, taking a childbirth class was by far the most useful one. I am happy that I contacted Irma Speetjens, a mother of four kids, a nurse, and a childbirth class teacher, to help me facilitate the birth of my son.

In her classes, Irma makes sure couples are well prepared for what expects them before, during and after the labor. This post is all about her; who she is, how she started to work with internationals, what she offers in her classes, etc.



Irma and Kuzey

Irma Speetjens with the lovely handsome son Kuzey of Irem Bezcioglu

Could you tell us about yourself?

I’m a mother of 4 children, 3 sons and one daughter. I love biking, like reading books and shop in town and feel relaxed on our boat and enjoy the Netherlands from the water. Besides that there is always something going on in my lovely family.

After being a hospital-based nurse for 12 years I became a mother. Because of these new family commitments, I started the childbirth education of Samen Bevallen. Since 1997 I have worked as a childbirth class teacher and I give classes in Dutch two evenings a week.

I know what it is like to be expecting a baby in a culture other than your own and all the uncertainty and emotions that this can bring. I specialize in prenatal individual or group childbirth classes- information sessions and coaching for international couples expecting a baby in the Netherlands.

I really enjoy working with pregnant women during pregnancy and birth. My aim is to help couples have a memorable and empowering birthing experience in the Netherlands. I hope that every international parent-to-be I support will anticipate their birth with confidence, look back at their birthing experience with contentment and feel prepared and excited about becoming new parents in Holland.

How did you begin with the birth class for internationals?

As a former expat myself, having lived in the United States and also Japan, I have personal experience of what it is like to move countries and find your way in a new totally different system. My husband works at ASML and he knows how many expats are living in Eindhoven. And being pregnant! He motivated me to start my English classes.

This was the inspiration for starting my English spoken classes in 2000.

How can internationals benefit from your classes?
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GiT Masterchef Turkish Recipes (4) | Semolina Halva with Ice cream| Ayşe Içaçan


Ayşe Içaçan

Happy to introduce our GiT spouse Ayşe Içaçan, for our last recipe (4) in the small serial of Turkish recipes.

Last but not least .. this time a delicious sweet dessert, called: Semolina Halva with Ice cream.

Enjoy and thanks Ayşe !





IMG_0903 crop


We eat this dessert generally after kebab. In kebab restaurant serve it end of the meal with Turkish tea. We like to eat sweet thing after meals 🙂 And you can find it in lots of restaurants in Turkey.


I do not have any special memories about the dish. I just really love it, that is why I want you to taste it 🙂

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GiT Masterchef Turkish Recipes (3) | Ali Nazik | Tugce Hakarar



Tugce Hakarar

Third in the row of our short GiT Masterchef serial of Turkish recipes, is our GiT spouse Tugce Hakarar.

Tugce made us some lovely food, called ‘Ali Nazik’ which Tugce translated from the Ottoman language as ‘lovely food’, which indeed was the case .. very delicious!

We enjoyed her minced meat and eggplant dish at our Get in Touch Turkish cooking workshop on 21st of September 2017.

Am very happy to present her recipe and description below .. thanks a lot, Tugce!



I can translate the name of the food as “lovely food”. “Ali” is coming from “âla”, which means that lovely and beautiful in old Turkish / Ottoman language. And the “Nazik” means that food / dish again in old Turkish / Ottoman language.


Ali Nazik is an old traditional dish from Gazi Antep since 16th century (maybe even earlier than this time). There is no specific time to eat this dish, but as I experienced before my husband’s hometown city they eat Ali Nazik with Çiğ Köfte (you can easily find it Kruisstraat) and Turkish traditional alcohol raki. Even in tradition, Ali Nazik can be meze / tapas or main dish it depends your taste and serve style.

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