REAL YET SURREAL | a review of our recent ‘Burning Blood’ performance | by Kiran Aswani


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Kiran Aswani

Am very happy to hereby introduce one of the recently adjoined members of our Get in Touch family: Kiran Aswani.

Her professional background is an extraordinary mix of as well finances as psychology. Her interests are wide, her skills are pluriform, her energy (also mum of 2 primary school kids) is great.

Within GiT she is actively involved in all sorts of supportive activities, right from the start. And also outside GiT, Kiran is collaborating with Indigo-Wereld, in various ways.

Her cultural interest made her curious about my recent poetry program ‘Burning Blood’. A poetry & music performance with my dear regular musicians Erik Deckert (didgeridoo) and Arash Mahdavian (tar & setar). Together, we are already for around 5 years the ‘Burning Blood Ensemble’.

For this particular performance though, I had also invited some other artists and production supporters, who crossed my path. Altogether, we shaped it into a mixed media show, co-created and performed in close and warm collaboration as a joint venture: now turned into our ‘Burning Blood Collective’, led by me. The premiere took place in the beautiful and well-equipped auditorium of The Student Hotel, and I am very pleased, that Kiran has been watching us!

Even more, am very thrilled, that she took the initiative to write this article about the show and how she perceived and experienced it. Thanks a lot, Kiran!



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The Burning Blood collective presented an emotional treat with a unique combination of music and visuals centered on spoken word.

As titled aptly, it was truly a show about lost longings, wounded desires and reflections on roots and reality. Carola was raw in her emotions and thoughts yet intricate in the feelings and thoughts she presented. The musicians on setar, guitar and didgeridoo only helped extend those emotions and thoughts she was conveying to the audience. The performance and artwork showcased in the background on a projector interweaved itself beautifully into the sounds of the instruments and spoken word.

It was juxtaposition to a Sunday afternoon, transporting one away on a different vibration!

A few lines from the beginning of the presentation:

lying down, she is, in silence

full of thoughts

gently her arms next to her body 

embraced by water plants, she ponders over her dreams

behind closed eyes she sees images, she doesn’t want to look at 

unable to ease her mind, she lingers and listens ..


  • Poetry: Carola Eijsenring
  • Tar, setar: Arash Mahdavian
  • Didgeridoo: Erik Deckert
  • Guitar: Mohsen Mehrafrouz
  • Performing Artist: Vitoria Aquino
  • Drawings: Imke Plattel
  • Graphical design & filming: Deniz Tuzcuoglu
  • General support: Sara-Joan van der Kallen
  • Production: Indigo-Wereld (Carola Eijsenring)
  • What: Poetry & Music Show
  • When: 15:00, 7 April 2019
  • Where: Auditorium, The Student Hotel, Eindhoven

The corresponding poetry booklet ‘Burning Blood’ can be ordered by sending an email to Carola Eijsenring:

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