GiT Masterchef Turkish Recipes (3) | Ali Nazik | Tugce Hakarar



Tugce Hakarar

Third in the row of our short GiT Masterchef serial of Turkish recipes, is our GiT spouse Tugce Hakarar.

Tugce made us some lovely food, called ‘Ali Nazik’ which Tugce translated from the Ottoman language as ‘lovely food’, which indeed was the case .. very delicious!

We enjoyed her minced meat and eggplant dish at our Get in Touch Turkish cooking workshop on 21st of September 2017.

Am very happy to present her recipe and description below .. thanks a lot, Tugce!



I can translate the name of the food as “lovely food”. “Ali” is coming from “âla”, which means that lovely and beautiful in old Turkish / Ottoman language. And the “Nazik” means that food / dish again in old Turkish / Ottoman language.


Ali Nazik is an old traditional dish from Gazi Antep since 16th century (maybe even earlier than this time). There is no specific time to eat this dish, but as I experienced before my husband’s hometown city they eat Ali Nazik with Çiğ Köfte (you can easily find it Kruisstraat) and Turkish traditional alcohol raki. Even in tradition, Ali Nazik can be meze / tapas or main dish it depends your taste and serve style.

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