My first crochet assignment | Megha Vaidya

Megha Mhere

Megha Vaidya

Proudly I present .. Megha Vaidya, one of our awesome and active Get in Touch spouses ..

She is involved in many extra GiT activities .. adding enthusiasm, skills and lot of memorable stories to the GiT meetups.

Several times Megha gave inspiring presentations, such as in the GiT group an interesting powerpoint presentation about her home country Nepal, and @ TU/e in a European meetup of HR officers a strong & touching talk about her personal Get in Touch experiences.

Now she’ll present another talent of hers .. crocheting .. she just discovered this skill and shows her adorable pieces ..  beautiful venture, Megha, go for it and lots of success .. :)!



On 19th June I received my first crochet assignment. My friend Laavanyaa wanted to give crochet gifts as return gift on her daughter’s birthday at her school. She planned hat keyring for boys and tot bag keyring for girls. In total, I had to prepare eight and twelve keyrings respectively for 3rd July. I was glad for the opportunity and my height of happiness was immeasurable.

Starting from 20 June I had around two weeks to finish the order. I started off with hat keyring. On the first day within a couple of hours I completed six hat designs. Unknowingly I put too much pressure on my middle finger that since that night the finger started locking. I gave my hand a rest for a couple of days and my fingers were back into action. One step after another I completed the assignment.

When the final products were in my hand, when Laavanyaa received them and was happy with the result, I was also very happy. But the moment when my husband handed me the money which Laavanyaa gave in advance for the keyrings, tears rolled down my cheek. All I could think of was my mother and could feel her blessing on my head. I started off crocheting simply as a hobby and friends like Laavanyaa have motivated me to take this skill further.

Point to remember: tired mind and incessant stress on finger would only make the work go haywire.


  • Zeeman store for Royal yarns.
  • SoLow store for keychain rings and organza pouches.
  • Happy Berry Crochet tutorial for hat keyring.
  • Crafty Guild tutorial for tot bag Crochet.




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