How We Play: Around the World | Susan Lambriks | International Spouses Program TU/e Sports Center


Susan Lambriks

Very proud to introduce our Get in Touch Network Partner Susan Lambriks. Susan is initiator of the International Spouses Program (ISP) of the TU/e Student Sports Center. This fabulous and amazing spouses program started some weeks ago, and many of our Get in Touch spouses are participating in this program with great enthusiasm and joy!

Now Susan has started a new serial in our GiT Blog for which she has asked international spouses to share their childhood memories of playing ‘back home’. ‘Sporting together’ activates in her eyes the same spirits as ‘playing together’ has done long ago. And I think she is very right. Thx Susan! 


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I find myself contemplating the idea of love. Far from the Greek myths and tragic tales of Cupid and the fickle specter of romantic love, I believe that love can be, and should be, thought of as an inclusive action instead of as an exclusive club.

We can express our love for each other in so many ways: simple kindnesses directed at strangers, finding forgiveness for an enemy, treating our partners with the respect that we usually reserve for our guests, showing compassion for animals, and putting aside daily frustrations with our children to spend quality time together.

A special category of love is that which we feel for our friends. Bonding over shared interests, exchanging feelings and having fun together are ways that we can express gratitude for one another. In other words, by reaching out to each other in a genuine way, we thank our friend for being a part of our life.

What better way to connect with friends than to ‘play’ together? This means to forge real, deep connections by taking part in activities together and by sharing our experiences. The friendships that tend to have deep, formative impacts on us are the ones that we make as children- in their purest form, these friendships are based on playing together, and it’s not by coincidence that these are the memories that tend to stick with us forever. Why not continue this practice as adults?

How We Play: Around the World’ is a forum for everyone to pay homage to this special type of bond built between friends- one which transcends borders, languages, times, and cultural traditions.

Please share your story of childhood play and friendships with the community! Share the love.


My dad used to have an old second world war motorbike with a sidecar which he had to spike to charge and start the engine. But whenever all my cousins would get together he would fit all 6 of us on the motor and start driving through the hills. I was in the front, my brother in the back and my 4 cousins stacked on top of each other in the side car. The motor would not go fast but for us it seemed amazing and the sheer thrill of riding on the motor wind in our hair would make us blare with excitement.


It’s 6 o’clock in the morning on a weekend day during 1988 in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. My best friend Kathryn and I sneak out of my parents’ house with our flippers and goggles to go swimming in the drainage ditch behind our trailer.  My parents wake up to finding an empty bedroom and go looking for us outside, where we always were, climbing in trees, running around and having fun together.


I had a friend in elementary school who liked to make up stories with me about aliens. We had a running story about aliens hiding in our school that we kept up for a whole year, adding to it and scaring each other.


My friend Carolina and I would pretend to be popstars in her backyard by singing to Ace of Base tracks into hairbrushes and making up fully choreographed dances.


My passion was playing outside specially with a ball! I have a sister 11 months older than me; she never liked to play ball, always preferred to sit inside to paint and design something. I always used to beg her, ‘Leili please let’s go in the yard and play ball, at least for few minutes!’.

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