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Carola Eijsenring

Since we started our Get in Touch program more than 5 years ago, spouses were mothers, became pregnant or were thinking about starting families.

Although the majority of the GiT spouses don’t have children (yet), as ‘aunties’ they do enjoy kids and are involved in the well-being of them by helping out at lunch time in the International School, baby-sitting kids of other GiT spouses, looking out for nephews and nieces, and of the kids who play around during GiT meetups.

So one way or other, all of us care for kids. In this post I would like to inform you about various activities and services according to motherhood issues .. pls use it to your advantage and enjoy!


IMG_2505 (2)Our previous GiT Tour was a visit to the international health care center SGE-i in the Videolab Building in Strijp-S. We were heartily welcomed by one of te two midwives of the midwife service bureau Kinderrijk Meerhoven. They offer English spoken info and support. Geertje Swinkels informed us about all ins & outs of the midwife practice in The Netherlands and the maternity care as well. She showed the equipment, handed out flyers and offered two of our pregnant GiT spouses an extra ultrasound, which was great to enjoy!


Once your little one is born, lots of questions and doubts could bother you about how to cope with all kind of issues coming up when raising your baby. In Eindhoven there are some wonderful networks related to these topics.

Mums & Toddlers’ Group

The Mums & Toddlers Group Eindoven regular meets up @ different places. Mums and their toddlers are welcome to join and share their fun and tips and exchange practical support.

From their own site:“We are an international group of mums and children who meet every other Wednesday for a playgroup for our children, ages 0-4. We also have regular outings and several family events, including our annual Christmas party and a summer party. The Mums get together about once every couple of months for a mum’s only night out. We also exchange valuable information on local services and attractions. Our links page has some suggestions. The English language brings us together, our children enjoy playing together and everyone enjoys making friends!”  For more info pls click here

Breastfeeding Café

Every Wednesday morning from 10h-12h there is a ‘Breastfeeding Café‘ in the Vershal (the Fresh Food Court) in the Veemgebouw in Strijp-S. Mothers come together to breastfeed their babies and exchange tips and info. There is also a lactation expert present for questions. Pls check here. The info is unfortunately in Dutch, but when you attend you could meet other mothers & toddlers and exchange experiences.


Various venues, services and facilities are to be enjoyed for children of different age levels. Below you’ll find some of them to be checked out.


Always fun ànd useful to learn your kids swimming at an early age in this wetland country .. as you might know the Dutch call ‘The Netherlands’ often jokingly their ‘kikkerlandje’ which means: ‘little frog country’ .. :).

Swimming for babies from the age of 3 months till 4 years’old toddlers and for older children too, is possible in all the swimming pools in Eindhoven. Various facilities, special hours  and group lessons on different times and different prices.

  • Details Ottenbad: pls click here
  • Details Tongelreep: pls click here

Animal farms and play areas

For all children it could be fun to go out and visit animal farm’s and play areas in Eindhoven (they are often found close to each other). BTW Unfortunately the info on the sites are in Dutch, but it might give you details and a ‘feel’.

  • Philips van Lennep Park: open from Tues-Fri from 10h – 18h  Sat and Sun (from April-September) from 13h-18h. Address: Oude Vensedijk 5, 5652 RT Eindhoven. T: 040 2519 133
  • De Splinter: open from 9h – 18h. Mon – Fri free of admission. Sat & Sun €1,50 (only cash). Address: Rode Kruislaan 2, 5628 GM Eindhoven. T: 040 241 54 16

Reading books and telling stories

  • Bibliotheek Eindhoven (libary in De Witte Dame in the center of town). You could bring your children here for borrowing books, but also for listening to story reading (in Dutch) and doing handicraft afterwards. Every Wedn from 15h for 7 years old children uptil 7 years of age. Free of admission and the kids get a glass of lemonade and somethng sweet from the library café. Address:Emmasingel 22, 5611 AZ Eindhoven. T 040 260 4 260 (from 10h-17h)
  • The Childrens’ Bookshop De Boekenberg‘  you’ll find in the Kleine Berg 48, 5611 JV Eindhoven. T 040 245 6261. An attractive and professional bookshop, already existing for ober 30 years. Mainly Dutch books (maybe also English) and a lot of beautiful picture books for the little ones.


At last you’ll find beow some useful FB sites on motherhood matters:

  • Conscious Mamahood: click here
  • Eindhoven Mamas Buy/Swap/Sell/Donate (EN): click here



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