GiT 5 year anniversary | Those were the days ..

DSCN5627The invitation for international spouses of TU/e to join the first GiT pilot group, was posted on in February 2011.

Shortly afterwards, the first Get in Touch Group started in the former location of Indigo-Wereld in the Hoogstraat ..

An exciting start of a great journey with international spouses from all over the world!

A long and winding road full of beautiful surprises .. below some looking back in key words and loads of images ..

Time flies .. already 5 years of warm GiT meetups, encounters, sessions with practical information .. sharing accomplished experiences & expertises from back home and developing new skills .. celebrating traditional feasts from ‘here’ and ‘there’ .. dancing, singing, music making  ..

Lots of visiting interesting and useful places in town .. tasting each others homefood in cooking workshops and creating handicraft in various art & craft workshops .. indoor and outdoor gatherings, picknicks, potlucks and more ..

Regularly extra activities such as participating in the Internationals Woman’s Days of Indigo-Wereld, in the colorful ‘Connect with my Culture’ event, creating our big ‘Get in touch with Get in Touch’ event @ TU/e ..

All the GiT spouses have ‘landed’ in Eindhoven from different places in the world .. and all of them brought their own tales, narratives and histories to Get in Touch .. and in sharing they/we always found common grounds ..

By discovering the new residential town together, GiT spouses created their own home in The Netherlands .. and found a balance in anchoring their new lives and still managing to stay deeply connected with back home ..

So many stories to tell about our Git gatherings .. from fruitgarden to dance shows .. from Sinterklaas parties to health care info .. from going on trips in and around Eindhoven and once even to the seaside to indoor reflection gatherings sharing stories from the heart .. and more ..

Looking back after 5 years I am thinking of all the awesome spouses and their partners in the past and present now and here today ..

It makes me warm and proud of our growing GiT family .. coming from everywhere and spreading out to everywhere again, but still keeping in touch somehow (thx to GiT Facebook and the GiT Blog too .. haha !) ..

Giving and taking .. no meeting the same, every single year a fresh adventure .. plus a brilliant recognition in the outside world as well .. with the international EMEA Award in London!


Get in Touch .. energizing  .. socializing .. empowering ..  in the past, today and hopefully for many years to come .. inshallah !

Thanks to all the spouses, partners, helpers and others connected to Get in Touch

This post is to enjoy and remember some GiT highlights ..

Get in Touch Slideshow Eva Sperberg created for our GiT Hodgepodge Party (2014):


Below the interesting article, written by our former GiT intern Dirk van Eck: When ‘Space’ becomes ‘Place’

Last but not least our Get in Touch Film, realized by Duerinck Productions, about background & impact of our social support program for international spouses, created by Indigo-Wereld in close partnership with the Technical University in Eindhoven, and released @ our grand ‘Get in touch with Get in Touch’ Event.

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