When ‘Space’ becomes ‘Place’ | Dirk van Eck

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Dirk van Eck

In this year – 2015 – we had the pleasure of having Dirk van Eck as an intern in Indigo-Wereld for some months.

As a Master student Human Geography at the Radboud University of Nijmegen, he had focused in his research thesis on the Get in Touch Program as a means to help make ‘Space’ into ‘Place’, something anyone who moves to an new and unknown residence will come across.

Shortly after, he graduated cum laude (!) .. many congrats Dirk!



IMG_3751During 3 months he has actively attended all the weekly Get in Touch meetings, trips and tours.

He even conducted a useful GiT Workshop himself :’Bike Repair’.

In this sunny outdoor workshop he showed us how to patch a tire and how to replace the chain when it has fallen off.


IMG_1438After finishing he stayed on with Get in Touch as  a teacher for the GiT Intermediate Dutch group.

During his internship he mixed and mingled in the GiT groups, informally spoke with a lot of GiT spouses, made attentive opbservations during the meetings and had some long interviews with some of our GiT spouses.

IMG_7619 (2)All of this he integrated in his thesis with the title ‘Taking Place,
The Phenomenology of Expat Spouses’ Familiarisation with a New Environment’.

IMG_9516Especially for us, he wrote an informative and interesting article about his findings, titled ‘When ‘Space’ becomes ‘Place’, and held a fascinating presentation about this.


IMG_9550 (2)

See below the fine article by Dirk van Eck .. enjoy!

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