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Kiranmayee Subhash Mhetre

Our GiT Blog author Kiranmayee shares regularly her interesting reflections on various experiences.

This time about the Winter Blues .. very current theme .. how to face it instead of hiding from it 



IMG_5193It is that time of the year, when the sun sets early and we end up in our dens early. It is a difficult time for some, irrespective of the fact that you have seen such winters all your life or you come from tropics!

There are many emotional changes we face with the changes in the air. Some appreciate the November sky with its beautiful colors, while some can be lost on what to do. Actually if you think of it there is tons to do!

IMG_5155For starters this is the perfect time to bake warm cookies, fill your house with the aroma of childhood nostalgia and late at night curl up with a cookie, warm cup of chocolate milk and just appreciate the heater.

You can pick up a project for winter like knitting, wood carving, I don’t know what else all the readers here are so talented, and the mark to finish this project is Spring.

So during high times you look forward to spring and during low you appreciate you still have time to complete! Brilliant right? Pick up that book you always wanted to finish and aim to do so by the end of the season.

Another idea is to invite your friends for sunset coffee! So you can watch sunset with your friends from your window while catching up (hint hint).

See I promised there is plenty to do. So stock on candles, aromas, your favorite woolens and winter plants and discover whole new time, until it lasts!

Most importantly understand who among your friends finds it most difficult and spread the love.

IMG_5190 (2)







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