About the Winter Blues | Kiranmayee Subhash Mhetre


Kiranmayee Subhash Mhetre

Our GiT Blog author Kiranmayee shares regularly her interesting reflections on various experiences.

This time about the Winter Blues .. very current theme .. how to face it instead of hiding from it 



IMG_5193It is that time of the year, when the sun sets early and we end up in our dens early. It is a difficult time for some, irrespective of the fact that you have seen such winters all your life or you come from tropics!

There are many emotional changes we face with the changes in the air. Some appreciate the November sky with its beautiful colors, while some can be lost on what to do. Actually if you think of it there is tons to do!

IMG_5155For starters this is the perfect time to bake warm cookies, fill your house with the aroma of childhood nostalgia and late at night curl up with a cookie, warm cup of chocolate milk and just appreciate the heater.

You can pick up a project for winter like knitting, wood carving, I don’t know what else all the readers here are so talented, and the mark to finish this project is Spring.

So during high times you look forward to spring and during low you appreciate you still have time to complete! Brilliant right? Pick up that book you always wanted to finish and aim to do so by the end of the season.

Another idea is to invite your friends for sunset coffee! So you can watch sunset with your friends from your window while catching up (hint hint).

See I promised there is plenty to do. So stock on candles, aromas, your favorite woolens and winter plants and discover whole new time, until it lasts!

Most importantly understand who among your friends finds it most difficult and spread the love.

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GiT Masterchef Recipe | Mazurkas | Anastasia Redko




Anastasia Redko

Our dear GiT spouse  Anastasia Redko (Russia) shared her delicious Mazurka cookies with us on various GiT meetings. Very tasty!

Therefore we asked her for her recipe of these yummy cookies. Below you’ll find her description, some general info and her personal memories from back home.






  1. mix 2 eggs with cup of sugar
  2. crush about a cup of nuts (usually walnuts, but really it doesn’t matter, any nuts you like in any quantity up to one cup)
  3. add nuts and raisins (as much as you like, up to 1 cup, you can also add poppy seeds), mix it
  4. add 1 cup of flour with or without baking powder (depends on how crispy you want it to be, without baking powder it won’t rise and be more cookie-like), mix it
  5. put it in a well-buttered silicon form or on buttered paper
  6. bake about 30 min. 180 C
  7. cut while it’s warm



One of the explanations I found: It is Polish originally and is named after the dance, because it’s very fast to make.


In my family it’s a popular recipe (my guess: because it’s easy =): my mom and grandmother used to prepare it (in slightly different ways as it always is, I changed it a bit myself too) and I like the taste from childhood.

I also consider it relatively healthy for a sweet, it’s possible to add less sugar since raisins are quite sweet already.


There are no special ingredients, you can buy everything in the closest supermarket.



Folium | Story by Janara Kushueva


Janara Kushueva

Our GiT spouse Janara Kushueva sent us regularly beautiful stories. This time “Folium’ (Latin for ‘leaf’) about leaves and the changes in their leaf lives .. a current autumn theme .. Enjoy!


I’m a maple leaf, my name is Folium. We, leaves, are about 40,000 friends here on our tree. I have quiet and happy life, because I don’t need much in this life, some sunlight, water, and maybe just hearing children laughing. I like rain, when drops wash me gently, and I feel fresh again.

I don’t like wind if it is cold, if it blows much and it is hard for me to hold on my mother-tree. Sometimes, when wind is mild, we, leaves, sing and dance altogether. We sing about blue sky, clouds, angels; birds hear us and come to us, sit on our branches and we sing together.

DSCN1443Now, when we don’t get much sunlight, when temperature changes, we change our colors because amount of pigments inside us decrease. We become red, orange, yellow, russet, golden-bronze, bright scarlet etc. I became bright yellow :).

Some people come to us saying: “What a beautiful tree!” They take pictures of us.

What is beauty for me?  I think it is simplicity, sincerity, admitting that you are not perfect.

I’m also not perfect, I cannot speak in the way people speak, I cannot move freely like them, but it is my destiny to be a leaf, and maybe it is better for me, I should feel grateful for what I have, I have easier life than humans.

Humans, especially women, have pressure about being beautiful, staying young etc. However, I believe that every woman/man can be beautiful in his simple way, just little bit skin/face care, decent clothes and the most important inner feeling of ‘beauty in imperfection’, inner soul-beauty, which makes you seem attractive to other people. Look at me, I’m just a leaf changing colors, and I’m already beautiful! 🙂 I’m blessed to be a leaf.

IMG_5537Also I think children are beautiful. I love children; a child associates with words innocence, freedom, playing, seeing world in different ways. They don’t pretend to be something, they say what they think, they believe in peoples’ words…Sometimes I want to play with them, but I can’t move; never mind, maybe my life would lead me to that somehow…

Today is Sunday. I’m just watching people who came here to the park; listening to them, trying to smile to them, but nobody notices 🙂

I see a man with his small son. He was talking to his father: ”…yes daddy, I wanna be a pilot in future, make a plane take off and land, wanna fly!….oh, look at these pretty leaves, can I tear one off? I’d like to put it in my book and dry it!”

“No, let it live there. Why you always want to destroy something? Let the flowers, leaves, grass be where they are supposed to be.”

‘However, the boy didn’t listen to him, and secretly tore me from my mother-tree. I’m ok with that! I’ll get dry and be in his book forever; he would play with me carefully, talk to me or maybe attach me to a card designed to his mother on Mother’s Day or something. It is fun. Otherwise, I’d be torn off by strong wind, fall on the road, fall on dirt and dust of this road, people wouldn’t notice me; just step on me…uhh.

IMG_5484The boy took Folium, gently touched it, put it carefully in his big pocket. When he came home he put it in his big colorful book. He was going to show it to his teacher and ask all information about the leaf, what parts do they have, how water comes to it, what happens inside the leaf during a day having sunlight and during night, how they breath, how are they useful for our atmosphere…and many more questions. He liked the nature; he wanted to know our invaluable nature better to be closer to it.

He and Folium became friends.

zon in boom DSCN1470