International SGE Health Care Center Eindhoven | Reffat Ara Shegufa

Reffat Ara Shegufa

Reffat Ara Shegufa

A new special Health Care Center has now been opened in Eindhoven. Today I will give a short description about this center.

Health is a big issue for all. For the expats, when they come to a new country, it is very challenging for them to keep faith on a totally unknown system based on a difficult language.

I can still remember, when I first called my GP, my experience was not good due to the linguistic barriers. At that time I did not know any Dutch to help me and the assistant of the doctor was not good in English as well.

But now when you call this new center, you will get astonished. The assistant is speaking in English instead of Dutch. So you do not need to be fluent in Dutch. Great relief for all expats!

DSCN6743You can come here for your intake which gives you the first impression about the center.

The GP will listen to you to get to know about your culture and the health system of your own country.

This intake will give your GP a clear idea about your past as well as you will be confident about your future doctor.

If you are not good in English, they will try to provide interpreters in other languages. Therefore, you do not need to pay heed to any gossip regarding the Dutch GPs.

DSCN9508Depression and psychological problems are very common among the foreigners. New environment as well as the Dutch weather is enough to make you upset.

This center is planning to provide psychosocial support also along with regular medical care.

Sometimes it is very difficult for the patients to believe on their GPs. At times, Patients want some specialist consultations.

SGE international center will provide one internal medicine specialist. First, they will provide this facility temporarily but in future they will try to do it permanently.

You can register very easily in this center. You just fill up the registration form and they will ask you for intake within few days. You can find all the information in English via

It is very difficult to be satisfied completely with any health system. No health system in the world can have a 100% patient’s satisfaction. However, in an unknown country people are trying to give you a homely flavor. It is really a great step by the SGE. At least they are concerned about the internationals health issues and trying to solve it. As an expat, I really appreciate their steps and hope that their efforts will be truly successful.

 Best wishes to SGE


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