Books & the quest to connect with local culture | Kiranmayee Subhash Mhetre

Kiranmayee Subhash Mhetre

Kiranmayee Subhash Mhetre

Books have always kept me good company, like music or movies for some (which I too enjoy!).

In my initial days in Eindhoven, I carried only a very few books, due to baggage weight constraints, and to my surprise, found missing them the most, as access to English books in Eindhoven can be a challenge initially.

In my initial quest to read, I was reading a lot of blogs and online material. However I missed the local connection in reading, as I was mainly reading about things back home, and what was familiar to me.

IMG_6691In my quest to connect with the local culture and people, I was drawn to the Eindhoven city library, after days of deprivation, this place felt magical. I remember cycling 15 minutes from my former residence to catch the various newspapers the library offered, and their fair collection of English language books.

IMG_6721It was through Get In Touch, where our Lovely Lady Carola plans a trip regularly to show us around this place, I received a trial membership, which I enjoyed.

To make my trips more feasible and worthy, I asked if I could volunteer for the library, which I did spend a few days doing.

IMG_6668This got me familiar to the working ways of a typical library, and the efforts required to put a single book back in place, so next time you are looking for a title, it is like cakewalk.

For most of you who have taken the tour, would have met the lovely lady Susan Brinkman, whose works at the library and offers the tours to us.

She is a lady with multidimensional talents of photography and is a professional artist (well I am sure there are many more talents I am unaware of) you can check Susan’s work here on Facebook.

IMG_6686The Eindhoven library has been through changes in the last two years and continues to do so. With Eindhoven being a multicultural city, with a large international population, whose can contribute in their own way to keep the beautiful culture of reading alive for coming generations.

Among all of this, I had also the opportunity to participate in the “reading week” celebrated by the Eindhoven, where we shared experiences as readers and also met authors from around.

With this I urge you all to take from all that this city has to offer and also ensure to make your own contributions in whichever way possible.

iiã¼ 087There are many avenues to connect with the local culture and spirit, no matter what is your favorite way to do it,

Carola and the Get in Touch team are always making efforts to help you find the best way to.

With this I wish Carola and the Get in Touch team success and happiness, and always a proud member of the family 🙂

iiã¼ 086

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