Repair Café in Eindhoven | written by one of our regular GiT authors

IMG_7932Fix your things instead of throwing them away.

My vacuum cleaner suddenly stopped working, could be the on/off button, maybe something electrical or  maybe I just used it too much 😉  My husband and me can only repair things that need glue or duct tape so it’s time to adjust the budget to look for a new one.

While we were looking online for a second hand vacuum cleaner, we found the “reparatie cafes” and voilà, this turned to be the ultimate solution to all our problems, almost. We decided to give it a try.

So we grabbed our vacuum cleaner and headed to Woensel. After 15 minutes driving around, we found a very friendly group of retired volunteers who can repair small electric appliances, clothes, small furniture, electric garden tools, crockery, toys and much more.

It was the first time I heard about this, so I ask more about it and it turned out that the repair cafe is a worldwide initiative, a meeting place where people, together, repair things. It’s for free but they are happy to accept donations.


The concept was developed by Martine Postman in 2009. The first repair cafe was established in Amsterdam. Nowadays there are more than 150 repair cafes in The Netherlands and they are also across Europe, United States, Japan, South Africa, Chile and Brazil. The objectives of this initiative are to reduce the waste, to maintain repairing knowledge and to strengthen the social cohesion.

second life vacuum cleaner

My Fixed Vacuum Cleaner. Reparatie Cafe Eindhoven Woensel

How does it work?

The repair cafe in Woensel has a small library, a coffee place and it’s very nice and comfortable.  After filling a form, one of the volunteers checked our vacuum cleaner while explaining the possible damages; 2 coffees later our vacuum cleaner was working perfectly.  They have all the tools and materials to help you to fix your things.

It was a rewarding experience in many senses, the concept and the goals behind this initiative were truly achieved. We didn’t generate more waste, we enjoyed an afternoon with very nice people who shared their knowledge with us and our vacuum cleaner is in great condition now.

More Repair Café’s to check

There are several repair cafes in Eindhoven, Google them to check which one is closer to you and its schedule. The reparatie cafe in woensel is is open every Friday from 14:00 to 17:00, it is located at Societeit Andromeda, Firmamentlaan 1 (Orion). But it’s not so easy to spot it if you follow firmamentlaan, Its better to go to the Andromeda plaats because  it’s exactly in the corner of andromeda plaats and firmamentlaan, opposite to AH on the first floor of the apartment building.

Ps. It was the cable, only the cable was damaged!!

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