Healthcare in The Netherlands | GiT Info Meeting with Reffat and Seda | Mohini Patil


Mohini Patil

I was very tense when I came here in The Netherlands. I had too many doubts and questions in my mind related to the health care system of The Netherlands. This was mostly because of what I had heard from my friends, staying here in The Netherlands, about the Dutch way of dealing with patients and secondly, because I came for the first time to a foreign country.

At this junction of my settling-in in The Netherlands, a GIT discussion session on “Dutch health care system” came in.

Thanks to Reffat and Seda, who hosted thorough, informative and very practical discussions on various aspects of health care system in Netherlands, this helped us clear most of our doubts and taboos.

IMG_6805The discussion started with very basic questions, like “What is meant by GP?”,  “How can we register?”, ” Why it is necessary to register with GP?”.

They went on explaining to what extent the GP (General Practitioner) can provide us support and when he refers us to specialized practitioners.

One thing I came to know and which was a bit shocking for me was that doctors here avoid giving antibiotics and stress on developing immune power of the patient, which is in complete contrast to where I come from.


Choosing a right type of insurance is a daunting task, not only for newly arrived but also for the long staying expats. Reffat moved on to the next topic of the discussion on “Selecting the type of Insurance”.

In this discussion, Seda and Reffat explained what the different types of insurances are and which one to choose in specific cases. They also explained about the special insurance or add-on packages for physiotherapy, dentists, ophthalmologist and Gynaecologist.

Knowing about these ranges of possibilities will surely help all the GIT spouses and their families to choose right type of insurances and add on packages.


After giving out all the information on Dutch heath care system, we started sharing how health care systems are different in different countries.

It was very interesting to discover how people in different country organize their health care system and needs.

I come from India and our health care system is very much different from here in The Netherlands.

IMG_6809Reffat and Seda’s medical background gave us much important insights in Dutch healthcare.

This discussion broadens our understanding about health care system and made an impression of how well organized the Dutch health care system is!