An evening with the 7 fingers – a fascinating display of mind and body coordination at work

Namratha Rao

Namratha Rao

I distinctly remember reading the quote ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve’ by Napoleon Hill. Never has it made as much impact on me as it did during the performance titled Sequence 8 by 7 fingers. Each of the artists was a wholesome entertainer and a mind-blowing performer, to say the least. 

It all began as a follow up to the interesting group discussions organized by Jeroen van der Meij and Loes Barkema in coordination with Carola Eijsenring. To orienDSCN3932t us (the participants of the Group Discussion), with the activities/events at the Parktheater, we were invited to the show. The idea of poetry in circus intrigued me. How could one live up to such a claim I wondered, as I cycled to the Parktheater.

After most of the audience was seated, the show began with an introduction of the performance. The presenter mentioned that the troupe intends to take the audience on an experiential level rather than create a show that merely felt good when it was performed but which would fade away as time passed. After hearing this, my level of intrigue pretty much shot up to very high levels. In fact, one side of me began to prepare for the disappointment I would feel after a performance that didn’t live up to its promise…But I was wrong in so many ways, thankfully!

Beginning with a quirky monologue, the troupe surfaced on the stage in a manner that seemed casual and unintentional. I can only imagine the level of practice that goes into making a staged performance feel so effortless. Be it the act with the lady who tiptoed and somersaulted on a stretchy plank of some sort to the skilful juggling of wooden blocks (sometimes as huge as boulders) or the hilarious piece where the troupe used the pole to create humour, each piece performed was superb in its own right.

Besides moments throughout the performance where I almost skipped a few heartbeats, the performance on the see-saw depicting life and the relationships we have will always remain special to me. True to what was said in the introduction, the performance touched my soul and connected with me at a very deep personal level. Overall, it was a spectacular show with splendid performers. One that also reminded me of how blessed we are as human beings to have bodies that can be trained to perform such amazing feats and to have minds that help us conceive such incredible concepts. DSCN3954

Had I spoken to the performers, I guess I would say

Dear Performers,

Your talent awes me and I am astounded by the whole performance you put together. Thank you for showing me that with practice and perseverance, I am capable of achieving anything I want. I am amazed by your ability to impact your audience through your art. May your talent be celebrated now and for a long time to come. Thanks again!

Best Regards,





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