A delicious Bhutanese afternoon!!


Gladys López


On Friday, 20th June, I had the opportunity to go to a workshop for making yummy steamed Bhutanese dumplings. This workshop was the second of its kind in the Get in Touch program. However, I wasn’t there at the previous meeting. The people close to me told me: “you should go to the get in touch meetings; this is a program for spouses!! And it is good, because you share your time with people that are here, like you!”

At that time, I decided to jump and join the group!!! Although I have not been to too many of their meetings, I realize how  each meeting, workshop and diverse activity bring to us chances to know friendly people, share, learn and exchange not only words, but also cultures, ideas, laughter, experiences, and enjoy DSCN4297each other’s  company. Of course, in this workshop we learned a delicious recipe from another country. DSCN4316

We had a great hostess, Anita, who let us meet in her home and have the workshop there. Our teachers Sangay, Thuy and Ria had everything ready! The stuffing was mashed potatoes with onion and cilantro. And it was covered with a fine mass layer of wheat flour.

They startDSCN4352ed the explanation on how to assemble and cook the dumplings.  Then, all the ladies began to try to make them. There were very helpful moments where there wasn´t any trial and error, but simply everyone taking a position and making as many dumplings as possible. I even received assistance and other advice from one of our partners (Rong).DSCN4356

Then, while cooking a batch of steamed dumplings, our teachers made the sauce that accompanied the dish, and I have to say: “Be careful with the sauce, because it could be spicy!” But, there wasn´t a problem, the key combination with the dumpling sauce was a total success! That dish will remind you of a similar dish in your country, quite so!! For example, in my country there is something like Bhutanese dumplings and its name is “empanadas”. With Carola, we discussed about this. Even the mass for empanadas contain rice, spices, meet, chicken or mixed, covered it with a fine mass layer of corn flour. Only difference is that it´s cooked in oil, It´s very delicious!!!!!DSCN4367

Also, I had started to join and to be a part of group of dear ladies!!! Guided by people who had a fantastic idea and now it is materialized.  Thousands of thanks for this opportunity.

Gladys López L.






One thought on “A delicious Bhutanese afternoon!!

  1. Wauw what a nice story, wished I could have joined in, but via the blog its nice to see how well the get in touch group gets in touch with all sorts of thins in real life. Very good initiative, love, Maritska

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