Nuenen Breakfast Trip with Lake Activities

Carlos Ortega

Carlos Ortega

GiT family is always planning activities to make us feel welcome and at home. This time they planned a bike trip to Nuenen, where we enjoyed a really nice breakfast and then we had a great time at Laco Strandbad Nuenen.

Our bike trip to Neunen started in front of the Effenaar, which is a great music venue located just in the city center. It took us around 20 min to get to our destination, and of course we used the main public transport system in The Netherlands, our bikes!  The first stop was at Intratuin, which is a big garden shop. They sell everything you can imagine for a garden. They also have a small food court where we enjoyed a really nice breakfast. We sat in small groups and started to get to know each other.


Bike Tour to Nuenen

Our second stop was at Laco Strandbad Nuenen, which was just 10 min walk from Intratuin. In this place you can find all you want to do in a summer day: a small lake in the middle of the woods, beach, outdoor cafe, miniature golf and small paddling boats for renting. I think we tried almost everything. First, we just walk around the lake and enjoyed watching very old (but well-preserved) Volkswagens. Then we went to the lake and tried the paddling boats, we made groups of four people and went around the lake, enjoying the view and the weather, which by the way was really great! Then we moved on to miniature golf. We were amused with all the strategies each of us tried to use to get the “hole in one”. You can call it beginners luck, but some people managed to actually make holes in one, even though for the next hole it took them 5 or 6 shots before they could complete it.


I would like to thank Carola and the GiT family for their interest and support. I know my wife likes very much all the activities organized by GiT, and I have really enjoyed all the activities I have been part of. I appreciate that these activities give us the opportunity to know different places, get to know new people, and be able to enjoy of a wonderful day (or night). Thank you GiT.

Bike tour to Nuenen

Bike tour to Nuenen

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