Yummy Turkish Cooking Workshop

Deepti Throat

Deepti Throat

Last Thursday we had a great time in the common room cooking with Seda Baskurt. Seda conducted a wonderful workshop on Turkish cooking. In this workshop, we learned how to make Kisir Salad and Yaprak Sarma. Kisir salad is a delicious appetizer which is made of bulgur which is a cereal food made from the groats of wheat, fresh vegetables, and citron which gave it had nice tangy taste. We helped Seda with washing and cutting the vegetables after several efforts by Carola in motivating us to do so 🙂 Yaprak sarma is a traditional Turkish fingerfood which is made of rice cooked with some spices, olive oil and tomatoes. In the beginning we were not sure how to turn on the stove for cooking the rice, but luckily we figured that out with the help of several suggestions. Finally, the cooked rice is rolled in grape leaves in finger-shaped rolls and they are boiled in a sauce until it is perfectly cooked. As making the rolls is a slow process, a lot of us decided to give hands so that we can eat faster 🙂 Finally, it was eating time and all the efforts and handwork was worth it. We would like to thank Seda for this wonderful Workshop and looking forward for similar delicious workshops in the future.

Seda is teaching us :)

Seda is teaching us 🙂

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