Lay in the Arms of Restorative Yoga

Ying Pan

Ying Pan

Although came from an eastern country, I knew little about Yoga.The only thing impressed my mind was a graceful posture,which was difficult to make. However, the afternoon spend with Lisa and other Git members changed my comprehension of Yoga.

Our coach Lisa is an expert psychologist, not only professional, but also very melting. She said, Restorative Yoga is a tool to help people become more body and mind aware and relaxed, we don’t need to do greatest physical shapes,because it is about working the inside.

In Lisa’s Yoga course, breathing was a significant part, it throughout the whole procedure. First, we should place ourselves in a comfortable position, close our eyes and calm our heart. Breath start with a slow an deep inhale, until the air full of our belly, keep for a second, then breath out from mouth slowly and softy. As other member said, after a few times of peace breath, I felt relax and comfortable, the world became quiet,only thing I can heard was my heart rate, even and regular, like a step voice came from deep soul.

Ready for Yoga :)

Ready for Yoga 🙂

Different poses may give people various experiences and imaginations.Three easy but useful Yoga positions were introduced by Lisa, which can reduce anxiety and depression effectively. The first one we call it child pose.We sat on our ankles, placed a pillow in front of knees, then slowly lay down on the pillow, rest forearms on the mat with our elbows under the shoulders. After that, rest head to a comfortable side, begin breathing deeply through nose. Lisa said, this pose just like a baby curl in his/her mother’s body, which provide warm and safety. So, when be in this posture, we may feel safe and relax. During I making a deep breath I also found another dramatic image in my mind—-I was a planet floating in the endless universe, absorb light and heat from the sun, a small seed was sprouting from my heart, which will grow up to be a big tree.

Tea time

Tea time

The other two poses were helping us to extend freely.To make a inversion pose, we lay down with arms at a 45 degree angle and palms open to the sky, start with knee bent and open wilder than blanket, then let knees fall together and relax legs. I like this pose,even it looks normal. When I doing this with closing eyes, a glow of soft light touch my face, like moon light spread on sea surface, kind and gentle.

Happy time always go fast. Thanks for Lisa’s guidance, we experience a massage for heart and soul. I appreciate a word form Lisa—-live in currently. Maybe tension made me missed a lot of beautiful moment of the daily life, but I will try to catch them in the future, start with Restorative Yoga.I also appreciate that I found a sweet secret box—-our get in touch family, which always bring me surprise,warm and help. I want to say far more than thank you to you!

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