Cheers! To the beautiful world of Get In Touch Family in Eindhoven

Namratha Rao

Namratha Rao

Meeting Carola at an event was just sheer chance…however, my interaction with GiT has been going on from much before I knew them as GiT. I remember walking into the dance class (conducted by Richa, who was then an active part of GiT) and noticing something special among the rest of the participants. They had a peculiar chemistry among themselves that I could not put a name to. They were visibly not related by blood, so they were not sisters but they were much more than friends. It was as though they were part of a secret community that I was not aware of…


Preps for the GiT Event

And yes, I was right (though the community is not a secret after all). What they shared was a bond that made them a family, a bond I recognize from back home but missed deeply when I moved to the Netherlands. It was such a pleasure to be amidst such a community, Oh, how much I enjoyed it! But as things would have it, I could not continue with the dance classes and I realized that what I missed most about the classes was the amazing positive energy.

Meeting Carola, I realized who the source of all the positive energy was. So much liveliness, so much love, so welcoming and warm…it seemed like a miracle that she was just one person…in the sense that how could one person have so much to give? I then met up with the GiT group again and it all just fell in place! I revisited the memory I had of them from the past and could finally connect the dots. In no time, I felt like I too belonged with them too. I personally think it is a very rare and very unique ability that both Carola and Iro have. They just put you at ease and make you feel at home right away! They open their arms and welcome you into their world, both literally and figuratively. And what a beautiful world the GiT world is!

Gathering for a drink after the GiT with GiT

Gathering for a drink after the GiT with GiT

Leaving a familiar place and moving countries to start a new life is a very challenging process. Add the fact that you were a busy bee with a fulltime job and a bustling social life and have all the time in the world now, there you have it – the perfect recipe for disaster in the making. In my own personal experience and in my interactions with other Group members, I see this pattern. Thankfully, being associated with GiT not only makes us feel we belong, it also gives us opportunities to keep busy and explore areas we probably would not have explored by ourselves. I think it makes us richer in ways that cannot be quantified, and personally, I feel that those experiences are by far the best ones!


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