Scrapbooking in Eindhoven

Anastasia Redko

Anastasia Redko

I’m not very good at making new friends myself, so after I came from Russia to Eindhoven with my husband, the Get in Touch program gave me what I desperately needed at that moment – a lot of opportunities to meet new people.

We were not only getting to know each other – all from different parts of the world – but also other experience – like walking to some places new for us and trying new things during workshops like dancing, cooking, painting etc.

Christmas Postcard Workshop

Christmas Postcard Workshop

After a year in this program, I thought it’s time to “pay back the debt”, but what could I teach or show to others? Late November I gave a workshop in scrapbooking, which is my hobby – it’s getting quite popular nowadays, but still not everyone knows what it is. Christmas was just around the corner, so we were making postcards, because it’s the easiest thing to do for beginners who are starting scrapbooking.

Sure it was very exciting and fun but also challenging for me. It was my first time teaching someone scrapbooking techniques and we had a large group, so I felt I can’t pay enough attention to each and every one.

St. Valentine’s Day Postcard Workshop

St. Valentine’s Day Postcard Workshop

Some of the ladies were interested in it, so we’ve met a couple of more times in smaller groups before St. Valentine’s Day to do more postcards. It’s always fun to do something together rather than all alone.

I hope the postcards we’ve created made husbands, relatives and friends who got them happy.

I’m glad I have a chance to practice teaching scrapbooking and I would love to continue conducting workshops for new GiT members and anyone else interested.

Anastasia Redko

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