Getting Married in the Netherlands

Hồ Thùy

Hồ Thùy

Have you ever thought that one day you will celebrate your important event in your life?  For me, I never ever think that, but it happens to me.

I have been in Netherlands almost 2 years, and I just got married two months ago in Eindhoven Gemeente and in church in Helmond.

As other Catholic girls, I used to dream that I would have a wedding in a big church in the joy of our parents. My father would take me to my future husband and all people in the church would pray and bless us on our wedding day. There would be two little girls in white dresses like the bride, would come along with me to the Priest. Together with the Priest, two of us would come to Sanctuary and

Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

pray. However, I could not make my dream come true when we decided to marry here, in Netherlands, while our parents are living in Vietnam. It is not easy to image that in the most important day of your life there is the absence of beloved people, especially your parents.  Surely, some people will ask me that why do not we celebrate in our hometown where our parents can attend. Honestly, we cannot do exactly what we think, we want or we wish because many things happen in our life and it is not easy to control. Although our parents could not be here with us in our happiest day, we still have many good friends who are always with us, encourage and treat us like members in their families.

Life is not simple, particularly when you are not in your home land. We are easy to get stressed and angry, disappointed, bad feelings will come all the time. To cope with and overcome are difficult, therefore, I hope everyone always has a bright brain to manage our life in a good way when we are not in home.

We could also celebrate our wedding in Vietnam :)

We could also celebrate our wedding in Vietnam 🙂

Hồ Thùy

2 thoughts on “Getting Married in the Netherlands

  1. Thank you so much, Thuy, for your clear and honest story of your marriage and reflection upon how life unrolls itself .. the beautiful pics show that you’ve conquered a lot and manage to make life happy and meaningful .. good luck to you both :)!!

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