The Tribe of Play | Susan Lambriks



Susan Lambriks

Would love to introduce Susan Lambriks in our Get in Touch Blog.

Susan is working in the TU/e Sports Center (SSC). She and her colleague Lara Hofstra are actively involved in the SSC project to welcome international spouses in the colorful world of the SSC. Both are passionate about the broad variety of sports any member might enjoy in the beautifully equipped  center, each day of the week.

Recently, our Get in Touch group has enjoyed a wonderful guided tour, which was awesome en informative. We’ll keep being involved as partner in this appealing project. Therefore I would love to give floor to Susan and her captivating story. Enjoy!


Ding-dong. [Door opens]. “Hey! Can you come out and play?”

This was the slogan of my childhood. Growing up in the Mojave Desert suburbs of Los Angeles in the ‘90’s, the kids on bicycles, skateboards and light-up sneakers ruled the streets.

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Burning Blood | Poetry in English | Carola Eijsenring

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Carola Eijsenring

As some of you already know, I’m a poet as well. But not everyone has found out that one of my poetry bundles is written in English, titled: ‘Burning Blood’. It consists of two parts: Part 1 ‘Cracking Glass’ en Part 2 ‘Heart Smart’.

These are the poems performed some time ago on our full evening program in the Oude Rechtbank in Eindhoven: me (poems) & my accompanying musicians Erik Deckert (didgeridoo), Lianne van den Goorbergh (flute) and Arash Mahdavian (tar).

Many people asked me about the how, why and when of my poetry writing. Now, the summer break has started, there is more time for a longer  post. In this post I will tell a bit  about history and present of my poetrical life.


Since childhood there was storytellling in my family. Moving around the world, migrating from Indonesia to Netherlands and Surinam, up and down and up and down, and later Peru, Jamaica, and back again to The Netherlands, the family was used to write letters (in those days hand written ..🙂 !!) to those who were left behind or those who had migrated too all over the world. As Eurasians we live in diaspora, so our family and the whole of the Eurasioan community is spread over the world on almost every continent.

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Habits in Holland (2) | Baby Births & Boards

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Carola Eijsenring

One of the funny ànd practical habits in Holland I find the wooden boards with birth announcements of a newborn baby, placed in front of the house. You find them everywhere, in all kinds of shapes and forms: modest, hilarous, colorful, pragmatic and subdued.

Often the name of the newborn is mentioned on the board and the colors pink or blue make clear which gender the new family member has.

When the happy home has a front garden, you find the stick with board planted between the rosebushes.

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